Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Snow by Day; Not Too Fine a Mess

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of a real mess.

It's all right for you to criticize some stranger's mess, but the ones around me are all pretty much self-generated. I'm not brave enough to show you the worst of them, but here are a few dishonorable mentions: unfiled papers and other stuff on a vintage chair...

And a corner full of stuff that used to be on shelves - and will be again soon.

Last night's snow delayed some of my co-workers getting to the office, but not me. The bridges around the city (over various washes and rivers, mostly), were almost all closed this morning, so people drove around looking for a way through. But all I had was a five minute drive up Wilmot Rd.

And this was the view on Wilmot this morning. Talk about snow on the mountains!

The view from the second floor. Too bad about the flagpole.

All morning snow was falling - not from the sky, but from the palm trees as the snow and ice melted. No more snow tonight, but a hard freeze. We had about two inches of snow Sunday night. For Syracuse that's nothing, but for Tucson that's pretty darn impressive.

With all the people struggling to get to work this morning, I felt a little guilty about enjoying the snow so much. Trust me: back in Manlius, and Syracuse, and later Columbus, OH, I was thoroughly sick of the stuff. But when snow only covers the ground a couple times a decade, it has definite novelty value. John said he saw a snowman on a car - a car in motion, mind you. And my Dad called from North Carolina to ask whether I'd made a snowball. I didn't, but John did.


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DesLily said...

wow those mountain photo's are beautiful Karen!!!!

and yes, when snow is not the norm.. it can be enjoyed a whole lot more! lol