Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Scraggly King and a Possible Queen

Carli and Darsuma
I'm having one of my occasional "sleep or die" nights, and I don't really have anything to say tonight anyway. So here instead is another photo enhancement of a couple of Sherlock drawings.

I previously made a fake book cover, for which I pasted the portraits of Carli and Darsuma onto a sky background and then colorized them. For my photo edit, I pasted in the real face of someone from church onto Darsuma. For Carli I used - can you guess? - me again. The fun part is that Daruma ends up looking much friendlier and happier, and Carli ends up looking even goofier than he is in the original drawing.

So who are these characters? Carli, also called Del, is one of the protagonists of Heirs of Mâvarin. By Mages of Mâvarin, he's King Carli, but still kind of scruffy looking, at least part of the time. Darsuma is an extremely talented mage adept, the daughter of Archmage Sunestri, one of Carli's enemies. Left on her own, Darma wouldn't care about politics or Carli, but when she became Darsuma she was partly taken over by the evil spirit of her dead mother, who aims to marry Carli, get him out of the way, and rule Mâvarin. And now you know the premise of a good chunk of the Mages of Mâvarin trilogy.

Must sleep now. Good night!


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Bea said...

This reminds me that I haven't finished reading your manuscript you sent me. I still have it, though. I haven't forgotten... I even bought John's new book, Android's dream, and haven't read it either, so both of you are in the same reading stack of things I want to read as soon as I get some uninterrupted free time, which there has been little of lately. bea