Monday, January 08, 2007

Mall Critters

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of something that's larger than life. From statues to stuffed animals, snap a shot of something super-sized.

A camera kids can crawl through

Hmm. If we're going to have pictures of oversized things, perhaps we should find an oversized camera, yes? Here we go, then!

Giant turtle and giant snake on the TMC playground

My first thought, other than a conviction that I have no access to giant rats or stuffed plush tarantulas. was the giant lumberjack (muffler man) on First or Stone Ave (whichever it is) at Blacklidge, near where I bought my Mercury Capri circa 1988. But that's too far away on a day as busy as I was today, and besides, practically every city has at least one of these, of one sort or another. So instead I stopped at Park Place Mall on the way home,--when I finally left the office, that is.

The lovely metallic lizard spits endlessly

I've taken pictures of all of these before, and posted some of them. My favorite from past shoots, by far the best of the lot, had a kid, maybe ten years old, sitting with her back to one of these wonderful sheet metal critters. I never got her name, or permission to use her likeness, so I pretty much keep it to myself. But it's a great photo, trust me.

I think that's a scrub jay on the left. On the right, erm, not sure.

All this whimsy is park of a children's play area in the food court, sponsored by a local hospital. The floor is padded, and no shoes are allowed. I'm not sure how the fountains fit into the scheme, but they're not deep enough to drown anyone.

Flashed out lizard and bronzed owl

I had trouble getting this shot. From one direction, the ceiling lights caused glare. From the other, I was too far away for the flash to be helpful, and the owl's face wasn't showing. But you get the idea.

Gonna try for an early night tonight. Catch you Tuesday night (Wednesday AM) with the new Round Robin Photo Challenge.


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_rRose said...

Karen -
Super cool fun shots! :)
Thanks for sharing!

Happy New Year to you and yours!