Thursday, January 18, 2007

Scalzi's Cheesy Question

the CheesemanWeekend Assignment #148: Cats. Cheese. There's only enough room on the planet for one of them -- and you have to decide which stays and which goes. Which do you choose and why?

Extra Credit:
what's your favorite breed of cat and/or type of cheese?

If the question stated that "There's only enough room in the house for one of them," I would literally agree with that proposition. I'm not a cat person at all. Never have been. I'm a lifelong dog person, cradle to grave, through and through. What's more I'm very, very allergic to cats. They give me asthma and everything. I'm only a teeny bit allergic to dogs.

I'm not allergic to cheese at all. Even if I were to unwrap, handle and consume a piece of cheese, I would suffer no ill effects.

Figure 1. Cheese.

Figure 2. Cat. (There is no figure 2)

Not being a cat person, I have a remarkably cat-free home, even without Scalzi's false dichotomy. I don't have plush toy cats, cat pictures, china cat figurines, cat books, cat calendars or catnip. I may have a weird little textured cat figurine that came in a $1.00 box of auctioned junk, but I don't know where that is. It may be a dog anyway. Oh, and I have cardboard Kliban cat ornaments.

So you see, losing the feline species would not impinge on my life one bit. It would actually enhance it, because I would be able to visit certain friends without getting ill ten minutes after I walk in the door. Losing cheese would be more of a problem. John and I both like cheese. It's low in carbohydrate, and frankly, there are quite a few dishes that don't taste nearly as good without it.

However, John Scalzi specified the whole planet in his question, and I'm not so selfish as to deprive Steve, Sara, Sarah, Linda, Steven, Carly, Dan, Anita, Jacob, Pat, Julie, John Scalzi and a zillion other people of their cats. I would rather give up cheese than not have Elvis and Pickles and Lopsided Cat and the rest out there in the world...far away from me.

Favorite cheese: cheddar
Favorite cat: Cheshire (all smile no cat)


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DesLily said...

well truthfully, though I live with 9 cats I'd MUCH rather it be only one!!

btw.. cheese is very high cholestrol!

Sarah said...

Thank you for your selfless concern that we keep our cats! If Meelo vanished from the world because of cheese (of all things) I would be very very upset!