Monday, January 08, 2007

Blink. Blink. Gone.

Is it just because of my wonky sleep schedule,or is it legitimately true that two-day weekends tp too darn short? Here's how this one went:

  • Wake up a little after 2 PM after going to bed around 4 AM
  • Watch a little TV with John (very little), mess around on the computer
  • Go to dinner
  • Work on church web stuff
  • Do dishes
  • Bath
  • Bed around 4 AM

  • Wake up at 8:45 AM when Eva calls
  • Sleep another 20 minutes
  • Get dressed, pick up Kevin and Eva.
  • Church. Serve as Crucifer, and photograph a baptism
  • Coffee hour
  • Take everyone home
  • 20 minutes at computer
  • Sleep until 6 PM
  • Grocery shopping
  • Read a little L'Engle
  • Dinner
  • Watch tv for about an hour
  • Wikipedia
  • Whittle away at my email, which is now disappearing if unread in 25 days. It used to be 30.
  • Write this entry
  • Bed soon

Reverend Angela performs her first baptism
as celebrant, assisted by Father Ed.

Okay, the lists aren't all that short. It looks like a lot. But really it's practically nothing. Basically it means I slept, ate, shopped, did some computer stuff and the weekend was over. No cleaning to speak of, no putting in time at the office, no trip to the gym, no laundry. Blink, and Saturday is gone. Blink again, and the weekend is over.

Coffee hour. Father Womble, Toni Sue
and Eva enjoy a baby's company.

I don't regret sleeping in on Saturday, and I don't regret my nap today. I really needed them. And I'm pleased at the progress on the church stuff, and about the reading I got done while waiting for the sermons to upload and download, and before and after sleeping.

But gee, where the heck did the weekend go? Is there anything I could reasonably have done to keep it from flying by?


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