Thursday, January 18, 2007

Karen's Fried Brain: a Recipe

Karen's brain on fire

Take one sleep-deprived human brain, female.
Add four hours of sleep.
Hit the snooze bar four times, but do not allow any additional sleep.
Add one Hershey's Kiss for breakfast.
Add one caffeine pill.
Add two ounces of diet cola, flat.
Fill with senseless numbers.
Place in ungreased frying pan.
Turn up the heat. Cook for 5 hours.
Add 1 chicken salad sandwich and 6 ounces of diet cola.
Increase heat. Cook for additional 6 hours.
Add two tablespoons of self-pity, and 1/4 cup guilt.
Mix thoroughly and pour into blog.
Season to taste. Serves two dozen.

Karen's brain, frying
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1 comment:

Paul said...

My prescription: dump the diet soda, and the Wikipedia habits.