Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A New Camera, Macrobial Dolls

It's Round Robin Challenge time again! John Darrow of "Personal Effects," has come up with a truly challenging topic his time: "Macro." He further suggests arranging four 200x200 px shots into a composite, each minishot with a specific theme: texture (T), color (C), reflection (R), and newness (N), arranged in this layout:


Unlike Steven of (sometimes) photoblog, who is an expert with macro photography, I barely knew what it was when this challenge came up. Turns out "macro" is the term for the close-up setting (or lens, or both) on a camera. I think a macro lens on a non-digital camera is a large lens for taking pictures of small things. It's a paradox: outside the field of photography, "macro" means big, and "micro" is small!

Still, it's a neat idea, and a good chance to stretch my photography skills outside my usual comfort zone of landscapes and sunsets. And it was a great excuse to finally do what I've wanted to do for months: I bought a new camera tonight! It's a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W100, with 8.1 megapixels and an ISO of 1250 for taking good pictures in low light conditions. That's important for me, because of all the pictures I take inside St. Michael's as semi-official parish photographer.

It took a while to charge the battery, so I got a late start on taking the actual pictures. I decided to use the composite photo suggestion, and went with dolls as my subjects. Here are a few of the shots I took along the way:

Three Skipper dolls and a Skipper case "reflect" each other.

My newest doll, a Happy Meal Lucy Pevensey from a little over a year ago.

And here's my finished composite:

Texture: molded plastic "hair" on a vintage drink and wet doll
Color: Casey and friends in their mod outfits
Reflection: Skipper, Skipper, Skipper and Skipper
Newness: Lucy and the Wardrobe from December 2005

Now, if you're interested in joining in on this Challenge, you're more than welcome! Check out the Round Robin blog for details, and don't be intimidated if you're not sure about this macro stuff - it isn't hard, and it's a lot of fun. (At least it is for me, so far!). Steven and John have both posted some tips. Check 'em out! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with! And remember, any macro photography is fine for this. For most digital camera, that means using the setting with the flower icon to take close-ups of small things. Got it! Good!


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DesLily said...

I think you got the hang of it pretty quick lol...

Janet said...

I don't know why, but dolls scare me LOL! Great shots!

Carly said...

Hi Karen

That is a cool little camera you have there! Congratulations on the new purchase. I love the dolls, but the Happy Meal Lucy is my favorite. There is just something about her. So cute.

-Carly :)

Linda (Lou) said...

I'm with Janet. I'm left feeling a little scared myself! So glad you braved up and tried on a little macro! :-) I look forward to seeing more pictures as you play with your new camera. It's a nice one!

John Darrow said...

Ha! A doll-centric interpretation. How fun. And CONGRATS on pulling off the 4 x 4, after your tentative comments. I really enjoyed reading your whole STORY behind the camera. Now that you've bought a FANCY one, I'll tell you that I'm stuck with a camera whose "macro" means I can get, listen to this, as close as 1 to 2 feet! Woohoo! (Ok, it's lame.) So, for me to take macro pictures means that I, honestly, have the camera about 2 to 3 feet away from the object and then use zoom. Thus, I envy those of you who can put their cameras almost touching the object, and those who get nice depth-of-field shots on macro. Congrats on the new camera!

Steven said...

I like the wardrobe in the background! It has a lot of surprising detail to it! Pretty cool. Nice macros.

Gattina said...

I came here already this morning but Blogger were on strike again, impossible to make a comment !

So you also were a little lost with "Macro" that comforts me, lol ! I have to admit that I looked more at your dolls than the photo itself. They are so cute !

julie said...

Congratulations on the new camera. You're learning about it quite fast. I have one of those drink-n-wet dolls, but it's not in the great shape yours is in. Like Steven, I think that wardrobe behind Lucy is cool!