Monday, April 13, 2009

Well, Your Honor, It Was a Weird Day.

The subject line of this entry is something my husband John said to a judge back in 1986. We had just moved to town, and hadn't finished changing over all the vehicles' insurance and registrations from Ohio to Arizona. My scooter had a flat tire, so we drove it to Arizona Honda in the 1984 Dodge Ram van. On the way home we stopped for a Slurpee, and afterward the van wouldn't start. So we walked home, about two miles uphill into the Tucson Mountains foothills. John then drove off on his motorcycle with the Ohio plates for the first time since the move, and promptly got a ticket. It was a misdemeanor, so he went to court, and asked to plead "innocent with an explanation." The judge said there was no such thing, only "not guilty" or "guilty with an explanation."

John said, "Then I plead guilty with an explanation."

The judge said, "I'm now ready to hear your explanation."

"Well, your honor, it was a weird day...." He explained, and she let him off the hook, first making sure all our vehicles were licensed and insured in AZ.

I mention all this because Easter 2009 was a weird day for me, and I want to tell you about it. But I haven't really been to bed yet, except for a nap last night. So I'm going to sleep now, and then meet you back here with my explanation.



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