Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Fool for Dogs

It's no secret that my lifelong obsession for dogs has grown over the past year. This blog has reflected that in the number of dogcentric entries. Today I decided to just go with it, not just in my blog, but in my life in general.

Since the economy is so obviously and greatly improved, I expect to be employed imminently, perhaps doing accounting for PetSmart. The dogs won't have me around as much, so today I adopted more dogs to keep them company. Let me introduce them:

This is Cinnamon! She's a little standoffish, like Pepper was, but we're working on that.

And here's Clove. He's very energetic and kinetic, friendly and playful.

This is Raw Sugar, aka the Natural or Natty. She is aristocratic and shy, but a tramp underneath.

Here's Cayenne with Saffron, the puppy of the family. She likes to run Cay-Cay ragged!

Here's Garlic, the most staid and stuffy of the bunch, but still quite affectionate once she warms up to you. She has bad doggie breath, though.

Last but not least, here is White Cocoa Powder, called Powder for short. I think he resents his new name.

So let's welcome our newest Spice Dogs! The Museum of the Weird just got a lot more crowded, but also much more fun!



Mike said...

When are you going to add Thyme and Oregano? :)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Mike - the pound had a green dog who would have made a perfect Oregano, but someone adopted him before I could get there, and renamed him Cilantro!

Florinda said...

You know, I didn't even make the "spice" connection between Pepper and Cayenne until you posted this! Your next dog needs to be Paprika, I think.