Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dogs in Motion

When I broke in my new camera yesterday (a Canon PowerShot SX110 IS), naturally I started with photos of the dogs. The first shot isn't worth showing you. It was Cayenne in the kitchen, in motion. The problem with the picture is that I had not yet discovered that the flash on this camera has to be flipped up into position. So: no flash, lousy photo.

But from there on out I got quite a few good ones. Here is photo #2, sharpened once, but otherwise basically unedited. And here is a portrait of Pepper:

After that it was on to the dog park. It was well after 6 PM, but the light of sunset was sufficient for the Canon to get some fairly amazing action shots. Here are a few of them:

Pepper amazed me Friday and Saturday. After months of almost completely ignoring the dozens of tennis balls littering the dog park, Pepper went after one on Friday, and went on to chase one for me three times. She mostly didn't bring it back, but it was still a big step for Ms. Independent & Contrary. By Saturday evening she was even sorta-kinda bringing them back to me. Good Pepper!



Jama said...

Enjoy your new camera Karen!

Wil said...

Good motion shots of a difficult subject. I only wish my camera was as adept at motion - it isn't. Then again, it's ancient - almost five years old!

hollyontherun said...

Great pics of your dogs.
They are beautiful....

Holly loves to play with them...he is grounded and has been for a couple of weeks. Have you checked out the latest on her?

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