Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekend Assignment #263: Predict the Future!

I had no clue what to do for this week's topic until inspiration his a couple of minutes ago. Here it is, and I like it a lot.

Weekend Assignment #263: Predict one, two or three things you expect to happen (or so you claim!) before 2009 is over. It can be a logical extrapolation from current conditions, wish fulfillment, an attempt to show off your psychic ability, if any, or random silliness, or some combination thereof.

Extra Credit: Have you ever predicted something unlikely, and turned out to be right?

Oh, I'm supposed to go first, am I? Very well, then, I predict:

1. I will find a reasonable job before the emergency federal unemployment extension runs out. (I'd darn well better!) John will be shocked but pleased.

2. John will enjoy watching the Golden Baseball League revival of the Tucson Toros, but nothing will ever recapture the enjoyment we got from the AAA version of the team in 1993-1995.

Here and below: the future heroes hone their herding skills.

3. A large animal (let's say an orangutan) will escape from the Reid Park Zoo, and Cayenne and Pepper will harry it back to where it belongs. They will be rewarded with a tv news story and an entire snack stick of cheddar cheese. Each. As the most famous dogs in Tucson, they will be invited on Letterman, but Pepper will walk off the set when Dave calls to her. Cayenne, on the other hand, will insist on being petted and scratched throughout the interview, which will conclude with a thrilling reenactment, starring Paul Shaffer as the escaped orangutan.

And no, as far as I know I've never predicted much of anything correctly.

Top that! Make one or more predictions in your blog. Be sure to leave a link to this blog in your entry, and a link to your entry in the comments below. I'll be back in a week with the results. Meanwhile...

For Weekend Assignment #262: New Again, I asked about new things or renewal in your life. Here are excerpts from the responses.

Julie said...

I just renewed the patio last weekend, replacing dead annuals with new, and cleaning. Not that you can tell today that it's been cleaned, but I did do it!

Kiva said in comments, referring to my plans to reconnect with a friend...

I wish you lots of luck. I wish that I had done that when I was younger. Go for it.

Laura said...

I am honestly mostly feeling swamped right now, since I'm currently taking 19 credits (six undergraduate and 13 Master's credits) in a program in which nine Master's credits is considered full time. So, I haven't had time to do much other than schoolwork, which is definitely not new to me. My next new thing will be student teaching, but that will not be happening until the fall.

Mike said...

Yes, we got a new computer. It's new, it's different, and I'm still transferring data over to it. I can't help but be excited about it though. I'm a dork, what do you want?.

I'm still dangerously low on "guest professor" suggestions for these Weekend Assignments, so I ask again: please, please, please email me some new ones. I predict that I'm going to start adding another please to the previous sentence each week until someone suggests something. Save us from the invasion of the pleases!



barrettmanor said...

Took me most of the day to come up with something, but I finally did:

Florinda said...

Not going TOO far out a limb here, but here are my predictions.

Mike said...

okay, I finished mine. I took the silly direction, but you probably knew that already. :)