Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Temporary Attraction

Tucson gets little carnivals set up in vacant lots and parking lots fairly often. This one turned up last week on 22nd St., near an unusually-named church housed in (I think) a former restaurant. I had the dogs with me every time I passed it, so I didn't take the trouble to park in different places or walk to where I could get the best shots. Still, it was a fun opportunity to test the brand new camera's night shot capabilities.

For this first shot, I used my car's roof as a tripod. Unfortunately I aimed the camera too low and I think used flash, so that it calibrated the shot for the roof instead of the Ferris wheel. The result, once the bottom of the shot is cropped away, is a night scene with a pleasantly dark purple sky.

Here's a similar shot, this time with the roof showing and the sky less dark. Now the Ferris wheel is moving, as you can sort of tell.

Two guys walk toward the Ferris wheel, which is spinning faster now.

An attempt to show that there's more to this mini-midway than a Ferris wheel. The restaurant on the right is a Burger King, which is where I parked.


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MyMaracas said...

Very dramatic! I love the sense of motion and excitement in these.