Saturday, April 11, 2009

F&FFF: The Naked Husky

For Felines with Feathers plus Furballs Friday:

Cayenne and Pepper: sort of together, sort of not.

As previously mentioned, I'm extremely busy this week with Holy Week services and such; but even so the dogs have only missed out on the dog park one day this week. A couple days ago, one of the other dogs in frequent attendance was so startling in his new appearance that I had to show him to you. Here he is with Pepper:

What the heck...? Let's take another look.

It looks for all the world like the head of a large husky, stuck on the body of a smaller white dog. They shaved his fur off for the upcoming Arizona summer, but left his head alone. I overheard that it took two and a half hours to do it. The results are very bizarre to see.

Still, the dog himself doesn't seem to mind.

I've been taking more photos of Holy Week rituals at church, with mixed results. I'll post some selections from that later.



Call me Paul said...

I've seen this done as well. Mostly with Golden Retrievers. I've never seen a shaved Husky before. I suspect it has more to do with the way those breed moult rather than for the dog's comfort. In fact, shaving the dog would probably interfere with the dog's comfort. Fur and hair are a natural heat regulation system. In the cold they are insulation, and in the heat they are an evaporation based cooling system. I would never recommend to anyone that they shave their dog - except for those breeds, like the poodle, that have constantly growing, non-shedding hair rather than regular fur.

Jama said...

That sure look funny to me. I don't see any husky here in Singapore, maybe the weather is not suitable for them here.

Suzanne R said...

The effect on the poor Husky is definitely bizarre. Your doggies look so much nicer than he does.

reed said...

Wow, well as the owner of a Siberian Husky, this person should know that you NEVER want to shave your him, unless its a medical concern. Why? You might think he's hot in the summer, but in reality, if you brush him removing his dense undercoat, he will be just fine. When you shave a Husky your only doing him harm because his coat will never grow back the same i.e. when its winter even in Arizona, it might get what? 40-50f? Well you just took away your dogs best natural defence againt the cold, and hypothermia. I know what your thinking... "Hypothermia only happens in extrem cold" Not true my friend, Hypothermia is Any significant drop in body temperature Possible even in the summer months. So take care of your dog never shave him, or better yet do some research!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Thanks for that, reed. Maybe your comment will prevent someone somewhere from having this done to their dog!

Bryan said...

I would hope that the picture would make them reconsider. It certainly changed my mind.
I'm a new Husky owner, and I didn't know if shaving a husky was a requirement, a option, or a bad idea. Thank goodness for Google. I now know.

Anonymous said...

Reed is right, please do not shave your huskies!! Nature knows what it is doing. No need to interfere. Their coat naturally reflects the heat and keeps them cool. With any pet, make sure they have adequate water at all times.