Friday, April 24, 2009

F&FFF: The Naked Beast

For Feline and Furballs with Feathers Friday:

From Trouble Dogs

John and I always say that without one or both of the bandannas around her neck, Cayenne looks like a different dog. Early this week - Tuesday night, I think - I threw the two bandannas in the washer. They came out of the dryer looking much cleaner and brighter, having previously been coated with lots of mud and dust from the dog park. I didn't put them back on Cayenne right away, partly out of laziness, but mostly out of curiosity. I wanted to see whether people at the dog park would react to her scarf-free appearance, and whether you folks, upon seeing photos of her looking naked without the bits of colored cloth, would agree with us that she looks like a different dog. Take a look:

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Nobody said a word about Cayenne's lack of a bandanna, but this may be because they were hardly any park regulars present that evening to notice.

Cayenne herself, of course, doesn't mind going without. She sometimes ditches one or both bandannas, shaking them off or backing out of them when they get loose. But we put them on again. Unlike Pepper, who is definitely not a bandanna dog, Cayenne looks much better with a bandanna than without, and even better with two than with one. (We haven't added a third one; that would be silly.) Without that bit of color around her neck, Cayenne is much less distinctive-looking, and frankly much less cute. Don't ya think?

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