Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Arizona Paintbox

Arizona has a certain palette of colors, seen in paintings and photos; mostly particular shades of pink and blue. Tucson sunsets often fit in this selection of colors. But Tuesday evening, as I put the new camera through its paces, the changing sunset colors on display in the Arizona sky used some different colors from the dusty recesses of the paintbox.

Just at sunset: yellow and dull purple.

More typical colors as I left the dog park.

Another "Safeway Sunset"

As we drove toward the house, the colors in the sky reverted to the same pinks and blues seen in Southwest art and design. But by the time I reached the Safeway parking lot, sunset was almost over, and the colors had changed again. I used flash to keep the camera from overcompensating for low light conditions and giving me washed out colors.

Still pretty cool, though. I didn;t boost the saturation on any of these shots, or lighten or darken. I didn't need to.

Holy Week gets into high gear for me starting today. I won;t be attending Tenebrae, but I've got my volunteer work in the church office today. Thursday is the long Maundy Thursday service, which includes a sort-of Seder meal. Thursday night I'm on vigil at 1:30 AM at the Altar of Repose. Friday is Good Friday, which has a long and somber service. Holy Saturday has the evening Easter Vigil service, probably the longest service of the year but worth it. Then there's Easter Sunday itself. Sp expect to see me with lots of short entries rather than long rants this week, 'cause I'm gonna be busy! Fortunately, the newest Auditing assignments are for four days' duration instead of three, which helps give me time to get them done!



Martha said...

Beautiful photos Karen! Hope all has been well in your world :-)

Sunflower Ranch said...

Your photos are simply FABULOUS!!! You captured so many moods in those colors. I really wish I was there!! We rarely have such drama in our weak and drizzly sunsets. Ours would be watercolors to your acrylics. Just gorgeous! :)