Sunday, April 19, 2009

Leftovers, Again?

I foolishly stayed up to finish rereading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix tonight, having finished my Auditing and Attestation course section a little after midnight. I'd planned to make the rounds of the Robins and do some maintenance on the Round Robin blog, but there it is: my mania for finishing a book, even if I've read it before, has won again.

So now I must sleep, but rather than leave you with no blog entry I'm cobbling this one together, part explanation, part a leftover photo from two weeks ago. This was the only item at the toy show on Pam Sunday that I bothered to photograph. I wonder how many of you know exactly what it is on sight. Do you recognize that figure from your own childhood, or even teens or young adulthood? Or do you merely deduce who he must be, or read it on the hang tag, having grown up long after the assassination of the man this doll depicts?

And where can I get an Obama doll?



Liz said...

An Obama doll?
Why would anyone want one while you have the real thing?

Shelly said...

Amazon, among other places, has the Obama action figures.