Thursday, January 03, 2008

When in Doubt, Post a Photo

Post-sunrise effects on my morning commute, 1/2/08

So far, the response to my attempt to keep John Scalzi's Monday Photo Shoot going has been underwhelming. Several things give me hope, however. One: Monday was New Year's Eve, and people had better things to do than read blogs. I therefore can't expect a lot of people to drop everything and take on a meme we all thought was kaput. Two: it's only the first week, and I don't have the readership By the Way had. I should be a little patient. Three, and most encouraging of all: I have John Scalzi's blessing to do this:

No need to worry. I'm not doing them anymore. Someone should. And I think you'd be good at it.
--John Scalzi

So if you've been hanging back out of respect for the Blogfather, or if you were busy and just missed the entry, I encourage you to jump in and show your support for the Monday Photo Shoot continuing, if indeed you want it to continue at all. In deference to the fact that we're necessarily going to be off to a slow start, I'm extending the deadline for the MPS topic "What's New?" until Sunday night, so that I can post your links along with the second Monday Photo Shoot in the wee hours of next Monday morning.

And while we're at at: how do you feel about continuing the Weekend Assignments? If anyone is interested, I'll post one of those tomorrow night. And again, if someone else wants to take over either of these memes, I'll be glad to support your efforts. But I love doing these, and I'd rather post my pale imitation of them than do without entirely.

Oh, and meanwhile, I have just two things to report for today:

Another edit of the same photo
  1. Something that looked very much like the rising sun was in the eastern sky as I started toward work this morning. So I photographed it for you. Here it is, and yes I've increased the saturation and played with the tone values. I'm very much a sunset person and a night owl, so I don't normally do sunrises. To me, sunrise is best approached from the other direction, as something to be glanced at as I finally head off to bed. Mind you, that's not something I can get away with on the average weekday!
  2. I finished editing Chapter One tonight. And the Weasel hardly said a word.


barrettmanor said...

I'd be glad to help out with either effort.

Martha said...

I noticed there wasn't a good response when I posted mine earlier. I hope giving the extra days will help. I wish we always had until Sunday night -- I know I'd be able to participate much more often having the weekend to shoot.