Saturday, January 26, 2008

Round Robin (Part One): Crossing the Snake

Yes, it's Round Robin time again! This week's topic, Landmarks, comes to us from RRPC co-founder Carly of the blog Ellipsis.

Tonight and tomorrow night I'll be posting some of the photos I took in downtown Tucson over the past couple of weeks, but held back until now. This entry is all about one specific landmark; tomorrow I'll be covering two very different examples of the same kind of structure, and a few other landmarks along the way.

Those of you who saw the announcement entry for the "Landmarks" Challenge have already seen a piece of the thing I'll be showing you tonight. But what is it? Can you tell?

That's only a small part of it. Perhaps if you see the whole thing at once, it will be a little clearer what it is:

(I've uploaded larger-than-usual versions of this photo and a few others on, so feel free to doubleclick for a closer look!)

Still not terribly clear, is it? Unfortunately, I've never found a really good vantage point for photographing the whole structure. Trees and traffic signals get in the way. But how about if I zoom in on the other end of the thing? That should identify it for sure!

Yes, it's a snake, a giant snake made of steel and concrete. To be specific, it's the Diamondback footbridge that crosses Broadway Blvd, immediately east of downtown Tucson, Arizona.

Our Diamondback undulates over cars and concrete, near appropriate desert landscaping.

It even looks snakelike from underneath, although a real snake would find this position precarious, if not downright impossible.

The Diamondback Bridge is more artistic than functional. Few pedestrians have any reason to cross it, except as exercise. To get to it from the south you have to climb up this path, and turn right at the rattle. To get to it from downtown you have to walk several blocks (as I did), and through a few ground level crosswalks. But that's hardly the point, is it? One doesn't really cross this bridge to get to the other side. One crosses it because it's part of a fun and pretty walk that quickly leaves the downtown traffic behind.

Here, for example, is a guy out walking his puppy. Don't tell Animal Control, but the puppy's not on a leash!

Once you get across Broadway, the bridge dumps you inevitably onto a pedestrian footpath with no obvious exit to either side:

Two weeks ago when I took these photos, I followed this path at least half a mile, finally exiting onto a quiet residential street in an historic neighborhood. I was very close to the old rail depot, but on the wrong side of the tracks, with construction in between. What I saw on the rest of that long, interesting walk I leave to your imagination - until tomorrow night!

A quick note of explanation to those of you who may be new to the Round Robin Photo Challenges: Unlike the Weekend Assignment and the Monday Photo Shoot, the RRPC is once every two weeks rather than weekly, and the topic is announced in advance for a specific posting date. You can post up to six days late, but for maximum traffic to your blog we recommend posting on the announced day. For further details, please see our Welcome Entry. We've been delighted to see lots of new Robins joining us recently., but there's always room for you!

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More about the bridge:

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Martha said...

I love your landmark photos, very interesting and really cool! I'll be stopping by to see what else you'll be posting :-)

Janet said...

wow that is an amazing bridge! How cool!. Thanks for sharing with us :-)

Carly said...

Hey Karen :)

I LOVE the bridge, it is a true piece of outdoor puplic art that would have me fascinated if I were there to see it! So interesting, so pretty. And believe me, it takes a lot for me to say that, due to my extreme fear of snakes! LOL. ;) Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

Always, Carly

Sandcastle Momma said...

What incredible architecture and your photos have captured it beautifully! I am not normally a fan of snakes but this is one snake I would really enjoy seeing.

Nancy said...

Wow....fantastic! SUCH a cool bridge...and you captured it perfectly!!


PS. If this RR was your idea and not Carly's I apologize for giving her credit!!

mjd said...

Your rattlesnake is a fantastic landmark that is quite unique. I have entered this challenge too. I hope that I followed all of the rules.

Suzanne R said...

The first few photos had me totally mystified, and I had no idea what it could be until you explained. That is truly an interesting snake, and I would walk on it just for the fun of it if I were there, too! Neat photos and narration, Karen!

Sandy said...

Awesome subject! You got terrific photos of a very hard thing to photograph!

Just terrific.

MariesImages said...

This is a fun structure...Ü
Very cool design~

Nekked Lizard Lady said...

Well, now I need to eventually get to Tuscon. That is so cool. Cheers to the planners who thought that one up. Thanks for sharing!

Pamela said...

I'm really freaked out by that bridge... rattle rattle rattle.

My newphew lives in Tucson. I must ask him about that bridge now!!

Gattina said...

That's a very special architecture ! The architect must love snakes. But I like it very much it looks so nice in the landscape ! Really just like a huge snake.

lisa's chaos said...

I love your bridge! I've only been to Tucson once and you've made me want to come back! The only thing I remember about my trip was that the ice machine at our hotel was broken. :(

I want to walk on the bridge and I will come back to see what you add tomorrow. :)