Monday, January 21, 2008

Caught in the Act!

Mostly just pictures tonight, so I can go to bed earlier. Also, there's not much to be said about these shots. I knew that Tuffy did this, but this is the first time I've actually caught her at it, especially on camera. I had just given her a dog biscuit. She really wanted it, but not to eat. Not just then, anyway:

Step 1: Dig a hole in the yard, which John has recently dug up for leveling.

Step 2: Nose the dog biscuit into the new hole.

Step 3. With nose and paw, cover up the hole.

Step 4: Display a dirty snout while begging for more.

Step 6: Repeat until the humans stop giving out biscuits.

In other news, I arranged today to work late for eight days in February so I can take Friday the 15th of February off from work. That's the first day of Gallifrey One, the L.A. convention I used to attend every year until money and year-end accounting pressures made it all but impossible for me. In the old days I used to go with friends, but Tracy's dead and Teresa doesn't live here any more. John doesn't want to attend, so this year I'm going alone. Unless...are YOU going too?

On the writing front, yes, I'm still working on the Heirs edit. I'm on Chapter 5, page 205. It's mostly little wording issues at the moment, no dramatic changes; but I have rooted out some awkward text from the distant past. It kind of surprises me that there's any of that stuff left!


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