Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The More "Things" the Merrier! Or Something.

Hooray! John Scalzi has a meme! It's a rerun of something he posted on both By the Way and Whatever in 2005, but what the heck. This time he asks for ten MORE things we've done that others probably have not.

My response from 2005 is here. Now, what can I come up with for tonight that I haven't already mentioned repeatedly?

1. I've asked author E.R. Braithwaite (To Sir With Love) a lame question about tropical fish. I was in fifth or sixth grade at the time.

2. I've met two wrestlers in connection with their acting gigs: my semi-namesake Terry Funk (co-star of Tequila & Bonetti) and a Quantum Leap walk-on who called himself "Jay York, the Alaskan."

3. I've written a short (unproduced) film that combines time travel with sex education. I don't remember the plot; it was over thirty years ago.

4. I've stood next to Joe Strummer and played one coin-operated video game while he played another in some Ohio hotel. Can't remember which of us was playing Pole Position, nor whether it was in Akron or Kent (as in Kent State).

5. I've been frightened, while running a fever, of the imagined image of the kind of clothespin that doesn't clamp shut. I think it was when I had the mumps.

6. I've had nightmares about trying to determine debits and credits in aspects of life that have nothing to do with financial accounting.

7. I've seen O.J. Simpson run through an airport. No cameras were present.

8. I've seen an osprey (a relative of the eagle that lives on fish) perched in a saguaro cactus in the desert.

9. I've called the BBC at 3 AM Tucson time, right after being frightened by a Talking Moose. (The latter was an early Mac program, not a Captain Kangaroo sidekick. It startled me.)

10. I've driven about fifty miles on a scooter with no working headlight, half of that after sunset; and 1100 miles roundtrip (Columbus OH to Syracuse with two stops at Niagara Falls) on a scooter with a broken speedometer.

The scooter in question, sans speedometer cable, 1985


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