Thursday, January 31, 2008

Weekend Assignment Results: When You Went

It was a somewhat light turnout for Weekend Assignment #200, which makes me think I should steer away from more sf topics for a week or two. I've created a file of future WA questions, and will select one shortly. Meanwhile, let's see what people decided to do when offered a trip in a time machine:

Would it matter if the offer came from this guy?

Saqib: "For my first trip I would want to travel into the past. But I probably wouldn't, due to concerns about contaminating the timeline."

Mike: "My first trip would be back to see Apollo 11 go to the moon. I'd want to be where I can see it launch and then watch the footage as it happens on TV."

CV Rick: "With all these possibilities, I have to go with my own curiosity. I would go back four thousand years and find out just what the hell those nutty islanders were doing with Stonehenge, and how it looked when it was maintained."

But if my friend were to persuade me to take a ride in the Wayback (or Way-forward) Machine, I think I'd like to visit when and where my parents grew up - New York City in the 1940's."

Unfocused Me:
"Stay home? Are you kidding? This is the opportunity of a lifetime! See important historical events, resolve debates, maybe even engage in a well-placed assassination or two!"

"If I only get one trip, it would be to go to Florence, Italy in 1504. Florence was clean and new. I'd use various disguises so I could experience it all."

I must say I was surprised by the level of caution exhibited by some of you about changing history. While it's true that many a science fiction plot, from "The City on the Edge of Forever" to "Back to the Future," has shown disastrous results, somehow I thought you guys would be willing to ignore or explain away the dangers. I will leave you with words of wisdom on the subject from two veteran time travelers:

"Tell you what, then, don't step on any butterflies. What have butterflies ever done to you?" - The Doctor

"The future is whatever you make it - so make it a good one!" - Doctor Emmett L Brown

I'll be back in a bit with the new Weekend Assignment. Hmm, now which one shall I....


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