Thursday, January 24, 2008

Weekend Assignment Results: Searching for Sleep

For "Weekend Assignment #199: When Do You Sleep?", I asked everyone what their weekday sleep schedules looks like, and whether it adds up to adequate sleep. By and large, the answer appears to be "not so much":

Becky: "In this house it's 'sleep when ever the opportunity arises.'"

Carly: "I am sleeping really well these days, especially since last summer, when I set about changing my sleeping schedule 360 degrees."

Mike: "No matter what I do though I am usually tired and cranky by the end of the week."

Barbara left here response in the comment thread. Here it is in full: "I am not going to play just comment. I would be a night owl if it wasn't for family and work. I used to be a night owl and felt great,got a lot done too. Now I get up early and go to bed early, boring but effective for me."

Saqib: "When I am bound to a work schedule I find that “early to bed, early to rise” is the best policy."

Vicki: "We have a love/hate relationship, sleep and I."

Arachne Jericho
: "I treat Ambien like the ambrosia it deserves to be."

: "I work second shift and usually stay up most of the night, then sleep until it's time to get up and get ready for work -- usually around the crack of noon."

Unfocused Me: "Short answer: my sleep schedule is unhealthy and likely to lead to heart disease and unsightly wrinkles."

Bea leaves her response in comments also: "I sleep between 11:00pm and 5:15 a.m during the school week. I don't ever stay asleep, though. I do stay in bed when I wake up because I don't want to wake up any further, and I generally fall back asleep. I think my snoring keeps me awake... that is, when I snore, I wake up. I used to think it was my husband snoring, but it's me! delightful discovery. I take naps on the weekends to make up for my lack of sleep during teh week. You on the other hand need more sleep. Day or night, you are not getting enough Zzzzz's!"

: "On weekday mornings, my alarm is set for 4:30, so staying in bed until after the sun comes up feels like a luxury."

: "I usually set my goal to be in bed by 1am, and usually make it by about 2am... except for those occasional nights when I just can't seem to quiet my mind to sleep."

: "My sleep patterns are determined by my dog, my husband, the project I'm working on, and deadlines."

It's good to see I'm not alone in having sleep issues, but even better to see that a few people here get it right, and have good tips to pass on. And just a thought: why does it seem as though the morning people are more disciplined about it than us night owls? Or is it that the daytime world is more compatible with that schedule? I'll have to think about that one.

Thanks, everyone! Weekend Assignment #200 (!) should be posted in an hour or so.


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