Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Thwarted Attempt to Sleep

I just finished reading a rather good Doctor Who novel by Gary Russell, when I meant to be taking a nap. I'm going to bed now. If I wake up during the night, I'll write a proper entry. I've been having trouble getting to sleep lately, even when I finally made it to bed. I therefore need this 11 PM attempt, really need it.

But I walked the dog again, and I finally solved my King Jor problem with the succession, more or less. I'll write up a quick note now before I forget what I had in mind.

As one of my Away messages says, it's "Nap time! Catch you later."


Update: Since posting this I've had a continuous, major allergy attack, which so far isn't impressed by the taking of two Benedryl. It's so bad that now, half an hour after taking the pills, my right ear is ringing and the left one is popping. See? Even when I try to be good, it doesn't work! But the succession note has been typed up, a Rani scene tweaked, and Cathma's family tree researched and discovered to be wrong. How can a fictional family tree be wrong? Simple. I've got her father related to Shela instead of her mother. Queen Genva's connection to the lord of Odamas is crucial to the plot of more than one book, so I made a note there, too.

Maybe a bath will clear my sinuses and my lungs. Off I go to try that.


DesLily said...

geez Karen! Hope you feel better and got some sleep!

Unfocused Me said...

My sympathies for your allergy attack. I am stunned -- stunned -- at your productivity under the influence of two Benadryl. Benadryl knocks me out very quickly, so I can only assume that either your allergy attack was so bad you couldn't sleep or your insomnia is so bad that you shrug off the effects of powerful medication like a grizzly swatting away a gnat. Either way, get better soon!