Sunday, January 13, 2008

MPS Results: Look at All the Pretty Colors, Man!

For last week's Monday Photo Shoot, I asked to see pictures in multiple colors. Here's what you came up with:

Becky: boy in a net, and prizes at the fair.

Julie: Spirit, the Merry-Go-Round horse.

Gina: a hungry bird, a rainbow and more!

Martha: a colorful sweet treat!

Monica: more sunsets!

Thanks for participating!

At least one person expressed an interest in comments, but may have been waiting for feedback. Folks, you don't need my permission to do this one, or to check in for the rules. Just post your entry and then leave a link back here so I can tell everyone about it! Oh, and it helps if you link to this blog in your entry, so people know where to find links to the other entries, and new topics as they're posted.

I'll announce the topic for New Monday Photo Shoot #3 in an hour or so. And don't forget, the new Round Robin topic has been announced for posting on January 26th, so be sure to RSVP over on the Round Robin blog if you're interested in joining in. And Weekend Assignment #198 is still open for entries until Thursday evening. Spread the word!


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gina said...

i love the dish of marbles!