Thursday, January 17, 2008

Weekend Assignment #198: Your Winter Favorites

An aloe is unfazed by a rare Tucson snowfall, 2007.

For last week's Weekend Assignment, I asked what you like and dislike the most about winter. Here's what you came up with. Please click on the links for everyone's full remarks.

Mike: "I think the best part is just after a fresh snow...."

Carly: "Winter is beautiful, and a bit challenging to this amateur photographer."

TexasPatrick: "Winter in Texas is more annoying than behavior altering."

Becky: "Mostly, I love winter because it's not HOT."

A.B.: "So, it's winter in Los Angeles, and you know what that means: shorts and t-shirts!"

Arachne Jericho: "Bainbridge Island: home of very tall trees that merge and mingle with what civilization exists, sometimes to fall in high winter winds over power lines and cause everyone to rethink priorities temporarily."

Laura: "We call it great sleeping weather."

saqib: "It really is a site to behold when your entire neighborhood is covered with mounds of white."

Duane: "First, the sky is so crystal clear at night that it seems as if you can see the entire universe."

Julie: "I suppose winter is a time when I tend to get things done."

Florinda: At the risk about sounding really obnoxious, these days I have to admit that what I like best about winter is the fact I don't really have to deal with it; I moved to Southern California five years ago.

Unfocused Me: "That's what I love about winter: the possibility of snow days."

Kiva: "With the clouds and the moisture, the air just vibrates when the sun shines."

The responses this week seem to have a less consistent pattern than for last week's assignment. Generally, people who live where winter is mild or absent are happy about this; but people who live where it gets genuinely cold have a great variety of reasons for liking or disliking it. One thing I'm grateful for, aside from the volume and quality of the response: not one of you resorted to saying "I like best that it's over by April!"

Thanks, folks! I'll be back with this week's Assignment in the next hour or so.


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