Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sleep Trumps Lameness

After dinner, clearing out about 50 emails and some work on the first two chapters of Return to Mâvarin, I went to bed at 11 PM tonight without writing a blog entry. Chapter 26 (Chapter 2 of Return) is one of my favorite chapters in the whole pseudo-trilogy, but even that could not keep me awake for my traditional Friday late night internet session. And oh, yes, I forgot: I spent a little time fooling around with a badge generator Scalzi mentioned a few weeks ago. I was not impressed.

The plan was to sleep for a few hours, get up and post something, and possibly go back to bed afterward. I woke up at 3 AM from a dream I was enjoying but can't remember now, and here I am. I suspect that the dream involved the Anonymous Regional Retailer (ARR!).

I hoped that the resulting entry would be less lame than this one is turning out to be. Ah, well. At this moment I would rather write something less-than-fascinating and go back to sleep than labor for an hour or two on something better. The beauty of this is that I may be able to get some outrageous amount of badly-needed sleep, something in the double digits. It may not work, but it's worth a shot.

Friday morning, John woke me early with the news that I had a flat tire. He took my flat spare to be filled with air. Then he came back and attempted to raise the Eagle on the cheap folding jack that came with the car. The car kept slipping off the jack. Not good. So John had to drive me to work instead.

Meanwhile, I used my Sprint phone to call John's office and let them know he'd be late. Somehow, though, I hit the wrong speed dial, and called John Anthony Blake instead, known to Doctor Who fans as John Levene, known to me and a few friends as John Manynames. He played Sergeant Benton on Doctor Who in the 1960s and 1970s, and he's a great guy, funny and friendly, energetic and interesting. I recognized his voice immediately, and ended up chatting with him for five minutes before excusing myself to call the other John's company.

So that was my introduction to the day. After that I put on that new red top with the open neckline, but clasped it shut with a pin I inherited from my mom. (The shirt isn't roomy enough to look good with another shirt on underneath it.) This actually worked out well. Husband John drove me in, and I had my best day at work yet, working on several tasks I knew how to do. I didn't get them all done by the time John returned at 5:20 (I made him wait ten minutes before leaving for the weekend), but that's okay. Nobody really expected me to get through it all in one heavily interrupted day. Still, it's progress.

I also met some people from other parts of the company in a monthly meeting, with pasta. And I was able to introduce John to my boss and a few other people. This really isn't something John enjoys, but Anonymous Regional Retrailer! is a friendly, people-oriented company, and I knew it would go down well. Besides, I'm proud of John and like showing him off occasionally, even if John himself doesn't care for it.

Another milestone of the day, the end of my first week at ARR!: I faxed in my first timesheet to the agency that placed me, having first called for a few instructions. This will certainly do for now, but I look forward to being on ARR!'s payroll instead. Two of the emails I read tonight were follow-ups from the agency's recruiters, and I'll check in with them after the holiday.

Meanwhile, I do believe I'm going back to bed. Mmmm...sleep!



julie said...

Congratulations on surviving your first week at work.

And how is John Blake? (I was just going to type John or John B., but that would have been very confusing.)

TJ said...

You are totally amazing...very interesting as always.
love TJ