Thursday, August 30, 2007

No, Really!

Weekend Assignment #181: Present three facts about yourself. Have two of them be true. Have one of them be false. Encourage people to guess which one is the false one. When do you reveal the false one? On Monday, in a new entry (I'll be linking to your original post). You'll get two visits for the price of one! Extra credit: Have you lied about something today (aside from the Weekend Assignment)? You don't have to say what the lie was. Just whether you've lied today. Little white lies count.

Okay, then:

1. I'm scheduled to interview with two people next week, for the same job I already have.

2. Peaches frighten me, because of the cyanide in peach pits. I won't even eat the canned ones.

3. There was a time when the greatest pet I'd ever had was a kissing gourami named Kisser. Runners up included a kisser named Gommis and a plecostomus named Mr. P.

Which one isn't true? I'll tell you Monday. Meanwhile, here are today's pictures:

This is a closeup of the infamous 6th Street underpass on Stone Avenue in downtown Tucson. The scale between the northbound and southbound lanes measures "Feet of Water" - and yes, water does get that deep sometimes during the monsoon. (Check out the picture here, from 2006.) I haven't seen that degree of flooding on this particular underpass; but that's because historically I haven't done a lot of downtown driving during a flash flood. I did once see an underpass buried car-deep in water near Deming, NM, though. No, really, I did!

Here's another attempt to capture a sunset in my rear view mirror. I took this shortly before arriving home tonight.

Here's the same sunset as seen from home. Other than cropping, resizing and sharpening lightly, this photo is unedited.

Have I lied today, other than in one of the numbered claims made about? Not that I recall, no.

I've decided to do nothing further for now on the new closing chapter of Another Mâvarin. It's not the world's strongest ending for a book, but it was never going to be; it's not the end of the story. Still, it has several scenes that serve as temporary mini-resolutions for various characters. Liru agrees to help Fabi the Innkeeper, Crel escapes the city, Harisi sends the other Fabi to try to get help for Fayubi's spirit, Prince Talber is freed from his delusion, and Rani Lunder negotiates successfully with Imuselti. There's no "There we are then!" concluding paragraph, but perhaps it doesn't really need one. In any case, I've moved on to the first chapter of Return to Mâvarin, which pretty much gets everyone in trouble again.

You may have noticed that I didn't make any numbered claims in tonight's entry about having heard back from DAW about Heirs of Mâvarin. Last time an assignment like this came up, people seemed disappointed when I revealed that I hadn't really heard back from Tor. If and when DAW contacts me, I'll tell you folks immediately, but until then I won't tease you with any facetious claims on the subject. Fair enough? Good. Night, everyone!



julie said...

Ack! Is that a Malibu/Capri in the first picture? It looks so much like the one Chris had before we got rid of it. Thanks for the nightmares. Not your fault, though. ;-)

The lie? Dang, you've got me. They're all very credible, which is why I predict you'll sell your book. A good fiction writer lies well. So I'm going to guess #2, because you do your research so well that you'd know there's not enough cyanide in the typical peach pit to cause trouble.

#1 - If it's a lie, it's credible. My husband just had to interview for the job he's had for the last eight years.

#3 - I love kissing gouramis. I had a pair that would move to the beat of music. I kid you not. They're very cool fish.

I'll check back on Monday to find out how very wrong I am.

bea said...

The first fact seems so bizarre that I'm thinking you have a perfectly good explanation for it, and the second one sounds like a reasonable fear. #3, though... a gourami is a fish? but what is a plecostomus? Let's see if this comment gets through!

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen, I can leave comments now!!! something must have changed at blogger. I am so happy. You'll be hearing more from me!!! Doing the happy dance. bea