Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Minor Victories; the Enchantment of Books

I would probably have more to say tonight if I hadn't spent the entire evening rereading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I'm on page 597, and finding it hard to stop now. But I do have to work in the morning, so soon I will have to overcome the lure of the story, which pushes me on to the next bit, and the next. I hope that someday a number of you will pull all-nighters yourselves, wanting to know what happens next to Rani and his friends.

This afternoon I met with one of ARR!'s owners. It turns out I was right the first time: I have two job interviews this week. This one went very well, and I hope to be an official ARR! employee rather than a temp in the next week or two. Hooray! I've said it before: every day at this new job is better than the last. I told R., truthfully, that I can see myself spending the rest of my career with this company.

John had his own triumph today while I was having my interview and catching up on some work. He reorganized a bunch of boxes and furniture, and finally brought the couch we bought a year ago into the den. He's covered it with throws, which is a good idea but makes it less photogenic, so instead here's a picture of two vintage chairs, artfully arranged in front of the fireplace John painted years ago, and the mantle John redid at about the same time. I can't really disguise the fact that the carpet has seen better days, but it will be replaced eventually by something else.

Earlier today I was asked where I see myself in five years. I said that I'd like to see this house in better shape, all the renovation projects finally completed. I said I would still be here in Tucson, with the same husband, fewer debts, and probably a different dog. Sorry, Tuffy.

Am I settled for good? Is this our finally home? Is this my final job? Dunno, really. I think ultimately, when our debts are paid down and the market picks up, when this house is no longer a fixer-upper by anyone's standard, it would be nice to find a better, larger home, maybe closer to work. Really, though, I'm pretty content at the moment, although my back hurts from hauling in boxes from the storage space into my car, and on into the house.

And the book is under my arm, calling me.

The heck with it. I'm going to bed anyway.




Becky said...

Ooo that looks nice! Looks like someone has been doing some serious organizing. I have "you can see my hearth!" envy. You can't see mine at the moment. And I hear ya about the carpet. We need new floor coverings through about 70% of this house. The bedrooms are's all the REST. Ick. No more pets. I have, oh, another 19 years or so until Sparty meets his maker? Yeah.

Anonymous said...

I like your viewpoint about interviews, just a conversation between interested parties. Must say interviews freak me out, soooo unsure of proper social etiquette and thus worry about saying the "wrong" thing. Glad that aspect is over for awhile... at least another year. I can soooo relate to what you said about "Is this my final home? Final job? Am I settled?" With only one more year on my contract here we are still in limbo. Which is why selling the house down south (70 miles) is a mixed blessing.

I know you don't need it but I'm wishing you luck anywho on your job interviews. Keep me posted.