Wednesday, September 05, 2007

One of those relatively perfunctory entries

I'm feeling just slightly unwell tonight, with a touch of "digestive inconvenience" that sometimes hits me when I'm under stress. Today has been a very good day, but a long one, and I promised to come in an hour early tomorrow. Tomorrow is also the day of my other interview with ARR! owners. I know it will be fine; I'm good at interviews, because I treat them as conversations. Still, the rest of my career could be riding on tomorrow, and my GI tract knows it.

I just finished reading the Harry Potter series all the way through, and don't regret it a bit. Tomorrow I dig back in on Chapter 27 of Mages of Mâvarin, with no distractions from someone else's fantasy world. Well, almost no distractions. Knowing myself and my Inner Weasel, I predict that I will be comparing and contrasting my saga with Rowling's, questioning whether someone might think one borrows from the other, even though I know it doesn't. Mâton isn't Hogwarts (if anything, it's Harper Hall), and anyway there are only a few scenes take place there. No, I'm not worried about it, but I hope I can use what I know of the works of Rowling and McCaffrey and L'Engle and Wrede and Duane to help me judge what bits from my own writing may need tweaking (or cutting; that's what worries me).

Vintage chairs in the front room

The Green Woman over the new couch

But that's tomorrow night. For now I leave you with a few new photos from the Museum of the Weird. The chartreuse chair is a favorite of mine, a surprisingly comfortable divan or lounger or psychiatrist's couch or whatever. It needs recovering, unfortunately; after 50 years or so the vinyl has split in several places. And tonight I noticed that John put our green woman print (sometimes I know the name of this once-famous painting, but not tonight) over the new couch. I was moderately pleased until I realized that he's taken down the Eighth Doctor's portrait, which I bought at TusCon a decade ago. John! What did you do with it? I don't mind it not being up on that wall, but I want it up somewhere.

That's not tonight's problem, either, however. Tonight's problem is getting as much sleep as possible and calming my digestive system, so I'm ready for another good, long day tomorrow. Good night!


P.S. I have now received a third nearly-identical solicitation from that same cluster of scam companies. I thought about telling them how transparent they are, but it's probably best not to tell them how to scam more effectively!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there I found your place. I know what you mean about digestive inconvenience. I get that sometimes when I am going to do a keynote or big presentation. Plus there has been some kinda bug going round the campus, maybe it's more than just here. Appreciate the photos of your digs, looks comfy and inviting. I envy your perseverence and time allotment to read through Rowling's work. She doesn't write thin little books. Can't wait to get a hold of Mages once it finds a home!!! How exciting. Keep me posted.