Thursday, September 13, 2007

Poll: Your Favorite Kind of Day

Weekend Assignment #183: Make up a poll for people to play with. The poll can be on any subject you want -- it can be serious or funny or silly or whatever (although funny's always, you know. Funny). If you're not on AOL Journals or for some reasons you don't want to use AOL's poll function, there are other poll options for your blog; here's one, for example.

Extra credit: Have you ever participated in a political poll?

You know it's true: some people like to veg out all day when they can, some like to keep busy, and some are always looking for the next new thrill. Where do you fall on this scale? Let's find out! The pollholsting service Scalzi linked to gave Blogger fits, so I went with, and widened the resulting code to 350 px.

Which of the following comes closest to being your idea of a good day?
A quiet day with a loved one, doing practically nothing
Just me and my books, tv or computer, enjoying old and new favorites
Communing with nature, enjoying clean air, exercise, critters and beauty
A busy, low-stress day full of accomplishment
Excitement, adventure and really wild things: new experiences to get me out of my rut
It depends.
None of these really suit me free polls
(Redone Thu 10:25 PM to add options)

I actually haven't quite decided how to vote on tihs myself. Tell ya later! One thing for sure: it's not option 1.

Vote aqui! The sign outside my polling place, 2006

On the extra credit, yes, I've participated in a number of telephone polls aimed at Democrats. I remember that one was about Janet Napolitano, our esteemed governor. Another began, "if the primary were held today," or words to that effect. I named John Kerry, on the basis of having heard some guy in Iowa mention him on NPR a few days before. It was so early in the campaign that I didn't even know how to spell his name yet!



Paul said...

Hmm, I couldn't participate in your poll. Not only was there no 'pie' option, failing that, there was no 'Planet X' option. What I'm really saying is that there was no 'none of the above' option. What do you do when the poll doesn't offer you an option that is even remotely close to your own opinion?

Carly said...

Ok :)

I took your poll, can you guess which one I chose? Is that a poll in and of itself? Can I only talk in questions? Is there any way to know??

Always, Carly

Penny said...

hey there - I should known it was you! I take my polls very seriously. Apparently I am #2 of 3 who want to commune with nature. I really like the idea of spending a whole day with my loved one, doing practially nothing AND communing with nature . . . so do I win???

Penny said...

well. I meant #2 of 2 Penny