Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Sensible Plan

  1. Stop working on Chapter 28 for tonight, even though I've found at least one place where I know I lost edits in Thursday night's delete glitch.
  2. Don't watch any more Doctor Who tonight, either, or check Wikipedia.
  3. Limit myself to one more game of Monster Match.
  4. Clean up my desk enough so that there's obvious progress, but don't try to do it all.
  5. Ditto the kitchen counter.
  6. Bathe and wash my hair.
  7. Set the alarm for 6:45 AM. (Ack!) I'm due at my new job at 8:00 AM.
Will I manage to behave myself to this extent?

Let you know tomorrow night after Heroes (and The Sarah Jane Adventures on the BBC).

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