Sunday, September 16, 2007

Done and Left Undone

In case you think I still spend all my time on Wikipedia: I got email today from one of the other editors of Doctor Who articles, noting that he hasn't seen me around lately, checking to see if I'm okay. I assured him that I'm fine, and explained about the job situation and the book editing. I really haven't done much on Wikipedia recently, basically just a little attention to several Madeleine L'Engle-related articles. Oh, I'll be back, but there's other stuff going on right now.

This morning I had that session for lectors and chalice bearers. It was fairly informal, mostly people asking questions and stating opinions. I'm actually rather good at doing the readings, but I did pick up a few pointers about the ceremony side of things. I was less confident on the chalice bearer training, and told someone later not to schedule me for that task.

I've been driving east at sunset a lot lately, and on several occasions have made a stab at catching it in the side mirror. Here's one of them.

And this is leftover from last weekend's Round Robin shoot. This fruit stand isn't all that far from downtown, at Speedway and Sixth. John and I shopped there years ago, but the weathered paint on the wall makes me think the business is long gone.

Short entry tonight; I'm tired. But let me leave you with one bit of good news. The missing bits in Chapter 28 are in the process of being written as one decent scene. After years of being stuck on it, I actually got the scene started while sitting in a restaurant. I later realized how I needed to change it, to be Rani Lunder's father in there. Progress! I also tightened prose, tweaked continuity and reduced redundancies in Chapter 27. See? I am doing what I should be doing for a change! Well, part of the time, anyway.


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