Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Waiting Game

I have only two things to say tonight.

1. I had hoped to hear by the end of this week whether I get to keep this job I love, going from a temp position to being on staff. It didn't happen. My boss thinks the answer will come down from the owners on Monday. I am starting to get a bit discouraged and frustrated. My only option is to continue to do the job while I have it, as well as I can, and keep smiling. If somehow the owners choose one of the other candidates, I'll finish out the temp contract, with gratitude, and then go back on the job market.

2. It's a good thing I don't usually play computer games. These things will eat up a whole evening and more. Stop it, Karen! You have a lector training session in the morning! I'm absolutely, positively not playing one more game before bath and bed. D'you suppose that my mild depression over #1 above is partly responsible for my vegging out all night on a Doctor Who variant of Jewel Box?


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