Sunday, March 05, 2006

What I Know and What I Don't

Unless I've deduced incorrectly which camera model I looked at yesterday, it's gonna be this one:
Marie came up with a great comparison site that has you tell it how important different features are to you. (Thanks, Marie!) It led me right back to the camera I was leaning toward anyway. I was especially impressed with this part of the online review:

The Nikon P1 is super compact and very lightweight, with a rugged metal body that should withstand lots of wear and tear. And with its excellent range of user-friendly, almost fail-proof point & shoot exposure modes, the P1 should be able to handle just about any photo opportunity it encounters.

And I love the list of scene modes: Portrait with Face Autofocus, Portrait, Party/Indoor, Night Portrait, Landscape, Panorama Assist, Night Landscape, Beach/Snow, Sunset, Dusk/Dawn, Fireworks Show, Back Light, Close Up, Museum, Copy and Sports. I expect to get a lot of use out of the Museum setting, both at church and in our own private Museum of the Weird. And I'm really looking forward to trying the night settings.

No, we haven't actually gone to buy it yet. I'm a little nervous about this, in case it's sold out or the price has changed or it wasn't the P1 in the first place. But if it's even the P1's close sibling, that'll work.

And of course, my birthday isn't until Friday, so John's under no obligation to get this for me right away. He could even get me extra-large socks for my birthday instead. But I have my hopes!

A few more possible diagnoses have been suggested to me as causes of my leg problems. I'll be sure to mention them - and the appropriate tests - when I see Dr. L. again later in the month. But today's been a fairly low key, low stress day, with no major health issues. This blog entry is almost done, and I've read all my FeedBlitz blogs. Although I'm off to the office next, it will only be for a couple hours, so I should get a good night's sleep again tonight. Three nights in a row! Can I stand it? I didn't do very well at getting to sleep the first two nights of stop-blogging-by-midnight, but I think I'm starting to get in the groove now.



julie said...

That's a nice camera - it's got a lot of good features packed into a small package. I'd tweak one recommendation from that review: Either get a 512 MB SD card or have several smaller ones on hand for those all-day expeditions. I've filled my 512 MB CF card once - and that was right here at home!

And I second their suggestion to get a case. Since you mainly keep the camera in your purse, it doesn't have to be a fancy case. But it will protect the camera (especially the LCD screen) from scratches.

MariesImages said...

I am glad that site was helpful.
I will post that site link on my blog for anyone who is interested.
Good luck with your camera...Enjoy~