Thursday, March 02, 2006

This Is Good News - I Guess

I called my doctor's office about the blood tests that were supposed to be back by yesterday. The nurse checked and called me back. "Dr. L. has seen and interpreted them. Apparently they sent you a postcard." Say what? After all that, a postcard? I deserve at least a phone call, saying ,"The blood tests rule out diabetes, leukemia and Globner's Disease, but these other three conditions are still on the table." But no: "I guess the test showed everything was within normal limits. Do you want us to mail you a copy of the test results?"

Well, no, not really. Not without someone to say what the numbers mean.

Thanks, folks. Thanks a lot. But I will be seeing Dr. L. later in the month (on the 23rd), well after I turn 49 years old on the 10th. That's when I'll try to get her to pin down what's going on. And there's still the stress test EKG to get through on the 9th.

Meanwhile, my leg still occasionally hurts, the edema is reduced but not gone, and I still can't kneel with my left knee because it hurts too much to do so. And I'm sitting here at work with only one sock on, because the left one was turning my ankle and lower leg an interesting but unnatural shape.

But hey! I haven't got diabetes - I assume.

pink ribbon from www.carol.sutton.netOh, and I had my mammogram today, not because of anything wrong but because it's been three years since the last one. For those of you who haven't had one of these, it's a little uncomfortable, but no big deal. They accessorize you with bb pellets and tape, and then have you stand up while they smush you between a couple of metal plates, one of which contains a tray of X-ray film. I'll be very surprised if I get more than a postcard result on that test. In fact, that's what I want and expect - another postcard with the word "normal" scrawled on it.

More later.


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Becky said...

I hear you about the socks. LOL It took me a long time to find a brand and style that didn't do that to my legs/ankles. It does show you just how swollen you are. It's spooky how far into the flesh those sock bands can get embedded.

DesLily said...

I came to the conclusion, some time ago that doctors really don't give a dang.

I hope you find someone to find out what's causing your leg to swell.

Shelly said...

Usually, I have to call my doctors for my results. They are rather busy, especially my internist who also teaches and has hospital rounds. My endocrinologist usually sends me a copy of the results with a note re: my thryoid dosage.

I always get the numbers and if possible, a copy of the results. The results, at least from the labs my docs use, give the normal range for each test, so you can see where the problem is. I especially like seeing my cholesterol levels.

As for the mammogram, bb pellets and tape? I just get a little sticker with a code on it so they can tell which boob is which on the x-rays. And I get the results about 20 minutes later, at which point, I get what my radiologist now does for everyone: a sonogram for each breast. I always leave knowing all is well or if I need further testing, which I did 3 times now.

I am constantly amazed at the variety of medical care around the country. Then again, I don't stick with doctors in my medical plan. I'm glad I can afford to pay them and take what little GHI pays me back.

julie said...

Your test results sound a lot like mine - of course, you'll have plenty of stress befor the EKG if they don't let you know what's going on! ;-)

TJ said...

Oh no! stay on it!
There is an answer...