Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Neighborhood Ruins the View

I'm caught up in watching the Gidget tv series on DVD, and so for tonight I'm just going to string a few words and pictures.

Last night I showed you a dead ocotillo in front of the back of the church sign. Well, here's what a live one looks like after a few days of rain. Most of the time, ocotillos are grayish brown, spiny and leafless. But after some rain they leaf out. When there's been a lot of rain, mostly during the monsoon, they also get tassel-shaped red flowers on top.

This particular ocotillo is the same one I meant to photograph a little over a week ago, as non-evidence of Spring. Apparently I didn't take the shot. Take my word for it: as of March 20th there were no leaves on it. A few better-late-than-never rainfalls since then made all the difference. Which is as good an excuse as any to mention that the next Round Robin Photo Challenge, as suggested by Sassy of Sassy's EYE, is "New Life." Like on an ocotillo! Check out the Round Robin blog for details on this latest challenge.

And here's another follow-up: a second stab at the Obstruction topic. You know I shoot a lot of sunset photos, but the fact is that I'm often in my own neighborhood around sunset. The falling sun does cool things to the western sky - right behind a backlit suburban ranch tract home. I've probably taken as many photos of the house across the street as of our own house - and the photos aren't as good.

sunset over  a neighbor's house

I have the same problem to the north. Neighborhood homes are between me and the Catalinas, lit as they are with reflections of sunset colors. Many times I've walked up and down the street, looking for a better shot. It never works. Other times I drive to a better view. That works a little better. But really, the best sunset shots are either from Safeway, of all places, or taken in the mountains. That takes planning, and I just don't have the time. So I take my obstructed shots of neighborhood sunsets.

houses block the Catalinas


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Carly said...

Gidget is available on DVD? I LOVED that show! Cool. I love the sunset photos. You have been doing really well with those!


alphawoman said...

What???? Gidget is on DVD!! I loved that show. Thanks for the tip...lovely picture.

DesLily said...

LOL.. well looks like you sold a few Gidget DVDs lol lol..

I am still waiting for Beauty and the Beast to come out on dvd or vhs I don't even care which!!
(the tv show starring Ron Perlman)

JessN said...

I can't understand why they haven't released Beauty and the Beast. It was such the show in it's day. Just the thought of it makes my romantic side purr.

I love the sunset photos too. I'm looking forward to seeing more sunsets here in Georgia as the days grow longer.