Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Deliberate Obfuscation

Blogger has been less than cooperative for the last 24 hours or so, especially with respect to this particular blog. I've waited ten minutes for this page to load, and watched as photos that were already visible actually disappeared from view toward the end, and stayed gone until the next reload. I've had the Publish status hang up at 43% or even 0% for a couple of minutes at a time. Even at work, where I can normally get my blog to load almost instantaneously when it's time to take a break, Blogger-related pages would hang for several minutes, doing nothing in particular.

Well, such is the blogging life. Sometimes technology goes glitchy for a bit, and we realize we've been taking stuff for granted. Tomorrow it will probably be all back to normal. Doesn't matter anyway, because have nothing to say tonight. Nothing much happened today worth blogging about.

Actually, there is one thing I could tell you about, if I could tell you about it, which I can't. Since last Friday or so I've been involved in a whole big email thing at Unnamed Largish Company, the nature of which I can't divulge here. Ironically, the source of the stress for me was that people a lot higher on the food chain than I am wanted me to be less scrupulous about confidentiality than I legitimately needed to be.

No, I don't work for the government - or even Raytheon.

I'm concerned that the large number and size of the pictures I've been uploading since getting my new camera are partly responsible for my horrible page loading on dialup. I'm not willing to post an entry with no illustration at all, however, so I'm going to choose a photo for you now. I hope it loads properly this time! This was one of the photos I originally took for the Signs challenge, before I thought of the church-related signs. The idea was that this is a sign that communicates very little out of context. Why is there a star on it? 1 what? And who actually needs to see this sign to know what is being communicated?



Judith HeartSong said...

I like the sign:)

DesLily said...

hi karen.. I'm on dialup.. your pictures don't take that long to load for me.. but your "background" pic sure does.. if i want to comment and move on to other journals I have to stop your site from loading and then click to comment.. the words are all up and so are pics in the post.. the hangup seems to be the background pic (which i like btw)..

JessN said...

A star on the door could indicate that this is an important entrance or exit. The number indicates that there are probably more doors with more numbers. It could be a door that leads to some maintenence area..perhaps?

Either that or it's an alternate entrance to the TARDIS!

Carly said...

To me, the star photo reminds me of a dressing room I saw once at a local PBS station, where I helped out with some sci-fi events. Is that right? LOL.