Saturday, March 18, 2006


I've got nine minutes to write this by midnight. Think I'll make it?

Today I slept in after a very late night (I had trouble tearing myself away from a 4 AM show about dogs, narrated by Kelsey Grammer). Then I caught up my blog jogging, watched I-forget-what and a show about the science of Star Trek with John, and IMed with a friend.

a.k.a. John Anthony Blake (but I like to think of him as John Manynames)I also got distracted for a while with Wikipedia, mostly the Doctor Who-related pages. Wikipedia is a wonderful thing, especially with pop culture entries. Besides, I wanted to see what they had about my friend, John Anthony Blake. I could provide some additional details to the entry, if I knew how; but it also had some stuff I didn't know about him. Someday I'll tell you all about John, but not tonight.

Then tonight I got sucked in, watching parts of two standup comedy specials by a cross-dressing British comedian, whose name I've since forgotten. (Yes, Julie - you're right. It was Eddie Izzard.) He is so not Graham Norton, and very good. After that I finished writing up the music of the Quantum Leap episode "Permanent Wave," popped in another Quantum Leap tape and made it through another episode before quitting for the night. This article is going extremely slowly. I get into watching the episode for the story, because it's been years since I watched them. And the reward for 45 minutes of viewing, plus typing and research time, is one tiny paragraph that basically says, "There is no licensed music in this episode, but the guy who does the scoring (Velton Ray Bunch) has an instrumental during this one scene."

Bleah. Boring.

But all this is meanwhile, because I also ate boring food, picked up really tiny, annoying burs off the carpet that Tuffy tracks in for me to step on with bare feet, received another installment of Sara's novel...and blogged. Saturday night is the night that I post my weekly fiction entry over at Messages from Mâvarin. I'm getting down toward the end of my two chapters from Heirs of Mâvarin. After that, I'll have to figure out what to post next. Do I start a new serial, or resume writing little snippets of entries from the letters and diaries of Mâvarin characters? If anybody at all is reading that blog, I'd appreciate hearing what you'd like to see there next.

And with all my work on this blog, and all the problems Blogger has had this week, I forgot to mention here that the next Round Robin Photo Challenge topic has been announced: "Obstruction." Do you have a great but obstructed view of something you'd like to share? Or maybe there's a more metaphorical obstruction in your life. Find a way to photograph it, RSVP over on the Round Robin blog, and get ready to post it on Sunday, March 29th. That is, if you want to join in, and I hope you will. Okay? Okay!

Oh, and there's one other thing I need to mention. Nat has asked me to write about the magazine articles I've had published over the years. I'll tell that story - and about my friend John Manynames - tomorrow night.


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julie said...

Would that comic have been Eddie Izzard?

I watched a little the other night but was too tired to get into it.

And I would say if you tell your John Anthony Blake stories, then I'll tell mine, but yours are much better. I should get Chris to tell his - if he remembers He was about nine or ten years old at the time.