Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sign Up and Sign In

I've run late the last two nights, and my cardiac stress test is in the morning, and it's 11:22 PM already; so I'm going to rush this entry a bit. In theory, IE and Blogger are uploading my pictures now. I'll believe it when I see it. It didn't work on Netscape the last several times I tried to upload photos onto Blogger. I had to host them elsewhere, and crib the HTML to display them the way I wanted.

Hey, it worked! That's one less problem to deal with tonight.

All right. Next Wednesday, March 15th, is the posting date for the next Round Robin Challenge. The topic, as chosen by Kimberleigh of "I Shaved My Legs For This?" is "Signs." That should be fun! Signs are all around us - vintage signs, temporary signs, signs of the times, signs we should have read but didn't, warning signs, funny signs, colorful signs, plain signs, even signs you can generate online. What signs have the most meaning or beauty or amusement value for you? Here's one that means a lot to me:

I've shown you this sign before, but the picture is new, taken today with the new Nikon camera. The poor, dilapidated sign promises "31 Merchants to Serve You." I'm sure the 31 merchants existed, decades ago; but the shopping center has changed greatly since then, with one wing added and another, longer one bulldozed into a long-lost past. But the sign is still there. I feel sorry for it somehow.

As the song says, I've "made my own little sign." It's Round Robin time, folks! Well, not yet, but it will be, on Wednesday the 15th. That gives you nearly a week to find some signs that amuse, inspire, affront or intrigue you, and take a picture or two (or five, or ten). Everyone's welcome to join in! All we ask is that you read the simple rules in the Round Robin blog, and RSVP in the "Signs" blog entry so that we can link to you. Okay? Okay!

Speaking up the new camera, I decided to mess around with that time traveling car some more. Here it is in Leap Blue:

And one other bit of news tonight. I'll skip over the health update, and whine about something else. John Scalzi linked to a LiveJournal entry by a Tor submissions editor, giving guidelines that go beyond what's in the official posted ones. I did not conform to them all, I'm chagrined to say. For example, she wants the three chapters submitted to total sixty pages or less. Heck, my first two chapters exceed that. In fact, my submission package is longer than this whole book:

Then again, it's an extraordinarily short book.

Stress? Yep, I've got stress - even before I jump on a treadmill in the morning at TMC.



Update: The submissions editor replied to my comment, promising that no one would reject my book on the basis of my minor faux pas. And the stress test went fine. There's nothing at all wrong with my heart. (I did get a minor asthma attack from the exertion, but I daresay they didn't even notice this.) So the next question is, is the leg thing all due to my weight, my allergies and my falling in the street a couple of weeks ago? Or is there something else involved? Will I ever know? Does it even matter? All things considered, I may be one of the healthiest people I know, even with the itchy leg and swollen ankle. - K.


DesLily said...

Karen, Karen, Karen... know my journal! I even do the Round robin!! sheesh..

Anyway.. Hard one there about which books I'd say to read first. The reason I've kept them all is because I reread them, I like them that much. so..

it all depends.. if you like Dragons of course I'd say Anne McCaffrey's Dragon Riders of Pern series..

The Dragon Lance series by Weis and Hickman are great..

And if i was to say to you the words 'favorite characters".. I'd still be torn between the Pern Series and David Eddings series on Belgarath.

And then as an outside Fantasy books (because they really are different from most) I'd say Stephen Donaldsons Thomas Covenant books (two trilogies)

As you can see.. I really don't know what sort of Fantasy books you'd like

(not forgetting i love the harry potter books too! lol)

Big help huh? hahahaha....

DesLily said...

Ok here we go again lol.. first let me tell you, if i am doing something like the photoshoot from someone in aol i leave the aol addy.. if i do something from blogspot (round robin) I leave the blogspot addy.. they are just mirrored if aol screws up and looses my journal i have it here.. if blogspot crashes for some unknown reason i have it there.. covering my fat butt!

k..back to books..

hmm ok, then i can tell you this: put weis and hickman on the back burner..those books go on forever! lol I'm still reading some which i have found out aren't really new. They just seem to keep cropping up lol. So, if you want a new author but not tons of books too fast put them down on the list lol

Now the Eddings series "The Belgariad" is a series of only 5 books.. plus 2 individuals which are separate and only if you want to read them.. each one of those two is on one of the main characters. (Belgarath the Sorcerer and Polgara the Sorceress) The originals are: Pawn of Prophecy, Queen of Sorcery, Magician's Gambit,Castle of Wizardry and Enchanters End Game.
(if you choose to read these don't fall for Belgarath!.. HE'S MINE! LOL)

He has other sets of books out but they are a completely different series and doesn't pretain to this group.

Now, Stephen R Donaldson has 2 trilogies: Lord Fouls Bane, The Illearth War,The Power That Preserves and the second is: The Wounded Land, The One Tree, White Gold Wielder 23 yrs later he has started another Trilogy!! Based on the fact its 20 yrs later then his last book..sigh Only book one is released: The Runes of the Earth. (recently found out at his website that he gets 36 months to produce book 2 and another 36 months for the 3rd!!.. this is where i tell you i will be 62 this month and I HOPE TO HELL I LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO READ THE OTHER TWO BOOKS~!)
I will say, his books were very different.. much of his fantasy was the land itself and the people in it. But in ways it was almost more "believeable" then others? Not sure that's what i want to say, but much of his writing you felt "this could happen"..then again.. lol.. no way! I loved his characters and their names, he came up with some good ones. My favorite in his books is a giant who lived by the sea and his name is Saltheart Foamfollower. Gotta love a giant with that name! lol lol

Anyway.. to ME both were great with characters and great stories. So toss a coin lol.. but at least neither of them are "neverending" of buying books.

Not sure anyone can top the Pern Series though.. too many great characters.. and Oooooo the dragons! sigh.

hope this helps you .. like you need more books! lol..

Daephene said...

Actually there's a sequel series of five novels to the Belgariad. The Mallorean. It's the kid from the first series as an adult, rescuing his son. I think Karen would like Eddings.