Monday, March 20, 2006

It Might As Well [Not] Be Spring

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Snap a shot of something that lets you know Spring has come around.

Spring? What's that? Tucson doesn't really have a spring. Does this look like spring to you?

Or this? Today's weather was a carryover from the winter conditions we had this weekend and last, but not in between. After three months of mild, seriously dry weather, instead of the winter rains needed to produce seasonal wildflowers and prevent wildfires, we've suddenly had two weekends of cold, wet weather. There's been snow in the mountains, rain down below. (No snow here in town. Drat!)

Has the late rain done anything to bring about spring? Not really. It's too little, too late. There won't be a bumper crop of flowers this year. The ones that are around, were equally around in January.

We don't really get the traditional signs of spring around here anyway. It just goes from pleasant and cool to pleasant and warmer, with a quick seque to too darn hot! Oh, some stuff will probably happen, but it hasn't happened yet. The ocotillo aren't leafing out, as they do during the monsoon...

...and the palo verdes and mesquites aren't particularly in bloom, or even looking as though they're gearing up for it. On the other hand, my allergies are up, so something somewhere is growing!

The only bits I saw today that looked like buds were on this bush near Unnamed Largish Company. For all I know, it may look like this all year long.

I did some experimenting with Technorati tags tonight, but so far it's not working out. Technorati is still claiming that this blog hasn't been updated since the first week in December, no matter how many times I "ping" it. And when I pull up a Technorati list of entries tagged as doctor+who or "writing" or even "mavarin," neither this blog nor Messages appears in the results. I've tried reading the help screens about pinging, and turned the ping for this blog off and on, with no result. Unless someone can help me fix the problem, my only hope is that maybe the rest of you will get different results from mine. Shelly? Julie? Carly? When you pull up Technorati, does it say that Outpost was last updated 105 or 106 days ago, or does a more current dating appear? If you look for one of the tagged categories I've added, does Outpost come up? Please let me know. Thanks!


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Carly said...

I just checked your Technorati and it gives me the same results it gives you. Contact their customer service. I got a great tech last year who was a dream to work with.

My Technorati is working ok. It was 5 days behind, but I dropped the ball on pinging it.

julie said...

When I got set up with Technorati the first time it took a couple of days to get into their system.

And darn it! This just reminded me - the new blog does not have a "pinger" yet. One more thing to do!

Shelly said...

It was 24 degrees F. in NYC this morning. I don't call that spring.

As for Technorati, it's a cool service, but they do fall behind. I subscribe to the Technorati feeds (and for PubSub and others) for my blogs because I'm more interested in people who link back to me than how up-to-date they are on my blogs. Most of the time, I forget to ping, so there's only the auto ping Blogger is set up to send out. There's just too much else to do or worry about. If I get a chance, though, I'll give a look to see what they have for Outpost.

Shelly said...

Okay, I got curious and took a quick look. 105 days for Outpost. Cyber Chocolate was up-to-date, as was Creative Endeavors (5 hours ago which was the next to last post). Shelly's Book Shelf, Shelly's Comic Book Shelf, and Presto Speaks! were all fairly out-of-date. Write Stuff didn't have a last updated number.

I don't know why some of my blogs were okay and others not.

Globetrotter said...

I've given up on Technorati since I moved to Blogspot. It simply won't acknowledge me so I won't acknowledge it!

Your sky does look threatening and dismal and gloomy, Karen. I'm so sorry. I won't dare show you the photos I took last week at the Bok sanctuary in Florida.

I do hope you are taking life a bit easier these days. But I doubt it. I visited your blog over the weekend and became so totally exhausted just reading through your various tasks that you had accomplished, that I couldn't even leave a comment! (I do like Dr. No however:))

God bless you girl.

Do you take vitamins?

Dorn said...

Hahahaha! We have SNOW on the ground, and are supposed to get more! I wouldn't trade it for anything though. I figure we're more likely to get a white Easter and a Sunny Christmas than the other way around.