Thursday, December 22, 2005

This Year's Holiday Haiku

Weekend Assignment:
Write a holiday haiku
On any subject.

At first I planned to
cheat, and fill this entry with
Haiku of the past.

Tonight is the night
I must sleep - oh, yes, I must!
So I've little time.

And yet in the end,
I decided I would move
Reruns to archives.

our aluminum tree in 2004May your holiday -
Whatever you celebrate -
Fill your heart with joy.

If you're traveling,
Be safe on the road, or while
Flying through the air!

If you stay at home,
Fill it with love and mem'ries,
New as well as old.

Yes, I love you all!
Yes, I wish you peace, and hope...
And presents galore!


Christmas greetings to my friends
Happy Hannukah as well.
I hope the "holiday" hoo-hah ends
Soon - that ploy for Fox to sell
Ads as viewers get worked up
And think they're caught up in a war,
Get all defensive about words
And forget what this season's for.

Happy Holidays! was sung by Bing.
Remember, as I sing it now,
To fold in every blessed thing,
And please - don't have a cow!

(Yes, I know it's lame. I was going to write up a proper version of all the comments I've been leaving about this stupid, fake "War on Christmas" controversy, but I really don't have time - especially not in rhyme!)


P.S. See the December 2004 archives for more Christmas poetry.


V said...

Happy Holidays, Karen.

TJ said...

I thought you did pretty good.

applebonkers said...

I love you too!

Carly said...

Excellent as always!