Saturday, December 31, 2005

On the Sixth Day of Christmas...

...the gift-giving still wasn't over at Chez Blocher (or, if you prefer, Casa Blocher).

The last of the gifts John ordered for me before Christmas arrived in the mail today: The Curious Case of Santa Claus on VHS. This was a 1982 BBC 4 production, starring Doctor Who's Jon Pertwee as a psychiatrist, and James Coco as his last patient on Christmas Eve: Santa Claus himself. I remember loving this when I saw it on A&E circa 1989, and have been wanting to see (and preferably get a copy of it) ever since. After 16 years, it turns out to be rather good and fun, but not quite as wonderful as my memory made it. But hooray! I finally get to see it whenever I want! I discussed the show with Pertwee back in 1990, so it has that sentimental connection for me as well. Thanks, John! (And Jon!)

That was only one of many gift-related events for the day. Yesterday I bought John a calendar, so he wouldn't have to write on the photo calendar (with my photos) that I gave him for Christmas. This second calendar turned out to be not-so-great, so we went back to the mall and exchanged it tonight - Hanna Barbera for ...PEZ? Okay, John, if that's what you want! (The Roy Rogers calendar was sold out.)

I also found the missing sugar free jelly beans that were supposed to go in John's stocking, and three packs of trading cards. Merry Christmas, John, again!

Plus there was a Simpsons book to exchange for another Simpsons book. The latter, later one turned up directly across from The Book of the Dumb and The Book of the Dumb 2 by John Scalzi. I'm not sure I have enough amusing Scalzigrams (tm) in my life, so I may have to spend a Borders gift card on them--later.

Two gift card-related stops tonight, at Homes Depot and Target, did not result in purchases, but we blew our two Best Buy gift cards without breaking a sweat.

Yeah, we had fun tonight.

What'll we do tomorrow, since I don't drink and neither of us is a party animal? Well, we have a few more gift cards, and a disposable camera to drop off from the period on Christmas Day when we couldn't recharge the Canon's battery, and each other's company. Plus I'm on page 299 of my final Heirs edit, so I'm really making progress. Oh, and in theory, I'll be dieting starting 1/1, so I've got a few last forbidden foods to get in.

Yeah, I think we'll have fun tomorrow as well.

Happy New Year, folks!