Sunday, December 18, 2005


Rani Fost- in color!My really expensive craft projects have been dropped off, and should be ready tomorrow afternoon. I have one more that I produced myself. It took forty minutes to bring it into physical existence, and even at that it needs finishing touches I can't do at home. Hence the money I'm spending to have the others completed. Sheesh. Commercially produced ones would have cost less money, but I think the few people who will get these will like them better than the ones at the mall. These have something the store-bought versions will probably never have - until and unless there are licensed Karen Blocher products for sale. And that's all I'm saying about those for now.

I've also just finished making my considerably less expensive craft items. A couple of them are a little curly, and Rani looks a little weird; but otherwise I succeeded beyond my wildest hopes. Do you know what this stuff is yet?It turned out that Michael's did have what I needed after all, and I was able to print stuff instead of tracing it.

Oh, and I colorized Rani, because I've always wanted to do it. Actually, I've attempted it several times, but I think this is the best yet.

Now I just have to do four loads of laundry, wrap and address a bunch of cards and presents, update the church pages, and get to bed at a reasonable hour.

Piece of cake.



Becky said...

Oh you crafty crafty girl! Now I see/suspect what you've been up to! Neat! So...what am I doing up at 4:20am eating antipasto and reading blogs? Bah. Too much sleep this weekend. LOL

DesLily said...

sounds like you might actually be done before christmas lol

V said...

Rani looks great!

Globetrotter said...

It absolutely amazes me how much these craft items cost. Add that special talent that only you and I can provide, though, and the results are priceless!

Just a quickie here, but since I am headed out of here tomorrow, I wanted to wish you and your hubby a very happy, blessed Christmas.

Talk to you next year!

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Gabreael said...

'Tis the season to be busy.....


Merry Christmas To You & Yours!


Wil said...

Muy crafty. Feliz Navidad! I'll take a Dos Equis (XX) cerveza, por favor.