Thursday, December 08, 2005

Money (That's What I Want)

Weekend Assignment #89: Money is no object: What do you really want for Christmas/Hanukkah/The Seasonal Celebration of Your Choice? Shoot for the moon, here folks. Share the thing you'd want to get if everyone you knew was a billionaire and wanted to spend money on you. One caveat: Don't ask to get celebrities of other people for the purposes of, well, you know. We're trying to keep things PG around here. Also: wishing for world peace is all very nice, but come on. Treat yourself.

Extra Credit: Seriously, what would you do if someone got you that thing?

Well, I'm going to cheat, and do the Christmas gift equivalent of wishing for more wishes - a no no; ask any genie. Sing along with John Lennon on the Beatles' version of this Barrett Strong classic, originally written by Janie Bradford and Berry Gordy, Jr.:

Well, now give me money! (That's what I want!)
Whole lotta money! (That's what I want!)
Oh, yeah! I wanna be free! (That's what I want!)
Whole lotta money! (That's what I want!)
That's what I want, oh, yeah!
That's what I want!

I'm quoting the Beatles version because of two Lennon innovations over the original lyrics - wanting a whole lotta money instead of just a little money, and wanting to be free.

Yeah. I can identify with that. It would take a whole lotta money to set me free.

Money don't get everything, It's true...

But a "whole lotta money" could do the following:

  • Pay off John's car

  • Pay off the house, and get us a BIGGER house

  • Send us to all the Disney theme parks, plus Manlius

  • Get me some clothes

  • Get John his state-of-the-art, flat screen hi-def tv

  • Complete my collection of Doctor Who on DVD

Okay, okay. If you disallow the money gambit, and limit me to ONE thing, well...

...I'm thinking! I'm thinking!....

Um, a trip around the world. Yeah, that'll work. All the Disney parks, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, and the Big Island of Hawaii would all be on my dream itinerary. AND Manlius, NY.

No? Can't do a trip? Physical object only?

Okay. Then this:

Cabernet Couture Velvet Caftan

This zip-front velvet caftan is trimmed with opulent gold embroidery and a touch of beading and features a mandarin neckline and side pockets. Shown in blackness; also in Tibetan red. Of rayon/silk. Only at Dillard’s. Imported. (Catalog #5393)



I love this because it looks like something an elegant mage might wear. Rutana would wear it for sure. I've been walking by it for months over at Park Place Mall, looking at it longingly as I passed. If it goes on sale for 60% off, I may have to scrape the money together somehow. But for $198 - *sigh*.

Extra Credit - Well, I'd smile and cry and hug John and stuff. What else?



Shelly said...

I've got an ever growing list of DVDs that I want, but some won't be out til next year. Rumor is we'll see The Adventures of Briscoe County Jr. in DVD next year. I am so ready for that. Now if they'd only do Alien Nation....

Yeah, I have simple needs. :)

Becky said...

Disney Paris here we come! LOL