Friday, April 25, 2008

Weekend Assignment Results: Celebrating Poetry

Last week I took an awful chance
And hid some bookish words away
To pose upon the seventh day,
Meanwhile to risk your won'ts and can'ts,
By inviting you to a poetry dance.

For some who think of words as friends
To help you with your blogs and tales,
Your fervor for them sadly pales,
If put to use for other ends;
Use of the word "poem" sends

You to a panic: make a rhyme?
The words I write just won't behave!
Will readers laugh? I'm not that brave!
I'll never get these lines to scan.
No, I'm just not a poetry fan!

But others jump in without fear,
To count the beats or rhyme the rhymes,
And think it is the best of times
When they make poetry appear;
It fills them with unbridled cheer!

Saqib does not write a poem,
but hopes his post in vain won't be;

Mike tries his best, but warns us off,
Lest he do us injury;

Sarah writes of mirrors gone,
and says "Hooray for poetry!"

Carly writes five haiku, each
Paired with her photography;

Seventeen beats appear as well
On efforts by Unfocused Me;

Vicki wrote a haiku too,
And she did so happily!

Florinda promised to invite
The poet in her family;

Kiva writes about a dog,
That wagtail Rocksie; let's go see!

Kristi thought that she was late,
But Thursday evening's fine with me;

And now I've got two lines to go;
And now I'm done! Yes, finally!

Last week's bumped topic will reappear momentarily.



Saqib said...

Wow! I didn't know you had a flair for poetry! well done.

Anonymous said...

Very fun way to recap the assignment responses!