Sunday, April 27, 2008

Golf in the Dark

I ended up not golfing at all at the Magic Carpet benefit for Valley of the Moon, but I did make a donation for the cost of a round. Then I walked around taking pictures, as did a lot of other people. Here are a handful of the 149 shots I uploaded from my camera tonight. (Okay, about half a dozen shots were of the dogs.)

Golfing through Stoneface.

One of the figures I could not see from the perimeter
on previous visits was this green alien.

I finally got close enough to the Buddha for a decent shot.

Kids play Crocodile Hunter.

The dinosaur has a visitor.

Ooh! Ghosties!

A band played by the back gate. No idea who they were.

I think he's a tree.

A polka dotted octopus.


More tomorrow - with words, even.



Florinda said...

I love mini-golf courses like this, but I rarely see them anymore (so many of them are "putter golf" courses now, with hardly any fun obstacles). Thanks for the pictures!

Mike said...

That is a creepy little course. Creepy, but cool.

Kiva said...

They don't make miniature golf courses like that anymore. What a great example of kitsch. Bring on the dog pictures!