Sunday, April 20, 2008

Leftovers Toniight

It's been a long, busy day, what with Round Robin and giving blood and a new episode of Doctor Who. So I won't attempt anything ambitious tonight. It's just leftovers, I'm afraid. Well, sort of.

Leftover variety:
I bought this matchbook collection at an estate sale about a decade ago. It's not that fabulous, but here it is. The swizzle stick collection is much better, but inaccessible at the moment. I thought originally of using these for the variety show topic but ended up with the bags and pens instead.

Leftover cups: John culled these from our cupboard years ago, but I won't let him sell them, donate them or toss them. The Toros cups in particular were once extremely common, but they're pretty much irreplaceable now. The team hasn't existed in a decade. The larger blue cup celebrates the Diamondbacks' World Series win years ago.

Leftover dog pictures for Feline and Furball Friday (a little late as usual):

Speaking of Toros, here's Tuffy Toro, giving us a rare opportunity to examine her surgically truncated tongue. Yes, she seems to be doing great; no sign so far of the cancer returning.

Pepper hasn't quite learned yet what it means when I point a camera at her in a darkish room. Flash!


Martha said...

You have the best collections! :-)

Wammy said...

I wish you husband would come and clean out my plastic cup cabinet. My father-in-law collect old matchbooks.