Saturday, April 05, 2008

Round Robin: Captioned Characters

Carly has come up with a fun change of pace for this week's Round Robin Photo Challenge: "Your Perfect Scene Captioned."

I usually do captions anyway, except when I substitute long-winded explanations instead. But they're usually just text beneath the photo, nothing especially clever or ambitious from a visual standpoint. So this time I'm upping my game slightly, and adding the caption onto the photo itself, thus:

Bonus caption: Someone got blood from a stone.

Darn it. I've had the Rolling Stones playing a one-song concert in my head for at least an hour now. Someone call Martin Scorsese!

Carly actually asked for our one perfect scene, but you know me: I'm not big on minimalism. I tried, but I can't make myself post just one picture tonight. I'm posting three of them. Considering I shot 77 photos after work today, keeping the uploaded ones down to three shows a fair amount of self-discipline!

Palo verde trees taste like chicken. Or maybe yams.

Have you figured out yet where I photographed Rexie and Easter Island Man? I'm not giving the answer in this entry, but I'll have much more to say about them before the weekend is over.

Last one, this time with more ambitious photo editing effects:

Pepper indulges her favorite activity in her favorite spot.

I did take some Tuffy pictures by way of parity, fairness and doggie detente, but I'll hold out the results for another night. What I will say is that so far, Pepper still has no clue that she shouldn't run in the opposite direction when we call her by name or tell her to come. But she has developed the habit of following me to different parts of the house, and lying just out of reach, or running to the couch in the expectation that I'll follow her there. Yep, she's doing her best to train me!

Now let's check out everyone else's perfectly captioned scenes!


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charish said...

Wow, watch out for the dog with a remote.LOL

Family Affair Photography said...

LOL the last photo made me laugh ... I can only imagine what they would watch if they could control the remote. :-) The others were good too.


Sarah said...

Hi! You don't know me, but I'm the daughter of Karen Shapiro, a member of Clarion 1977. I was trying to figure out who the guest authors were for her class, and a Google search turned up an entry on your AOL blog you wrote a couple of years ago, which I then followed to here. So I figured I'd say hi.

I'm actually going to Clarion this summer, hence my interest in dredging up old history. I'm quite excited about it.

If you want to get in touch with my mom, my email is quothjessamy at gmail dot com; I'll send you her email address. I know she was in touch with DM for awhile, but she stopped writing fiction 10 or 12 years ago and has kind of dropped out of the loop since then. (She got a great job writing articles for NASA's website, and then she went back to school to get some grad degrees in geology.)

Good luck with the writing :-).


swampy said...

Too Too make a stone man cry... and the vegetarians !
So wish I knew how to Photo Shop like that. I would Photo Shop the remote out of AnodeMan's hand literally and figuratively.

Kiva said...

OK, I give up! Where's that place with the bleed Easter Island guy and the dino? Now you've got that song going through my head. Don't let Pepper use the remote. It's like potato chips, once she presses it, she'll keep doing it again and again.

Suzanne R said...

Great photos and captions! You make me feel lazy, because I only did one. ;-)

Carly said...

That first shot is a grabber!

The second one is very cute.

The third is one of relaxation as only a puppy can find.


MariesImages said...

Funny captions...wonderful shots!

Jan said...

Great post. Such variety. I have NO idea where you photographed Rexie and Easter Island Man. Very intersting.

Nekked Lizard Lady said...

Very good pictures and excellent way to caption them! Our dog would probably use the remote on us if she could: "Walk me" "Feed me" "Fetch me a doggie biscuit"!

Steven said...

Great captions. Pickle cat can use the remote ;-) Same way he types on the keyboard.

Jennifer Robin said...

The one of that tree is something else. I cracked up at the napping dog's caption!

Martha said...

These are great Karen! :-)

Gattina said...

I love all three of them ! Very good !!

Janet said...

hahahaha OMG I LOVE that T. Rex picture!!! ROFLMAO!

MyMaracas said...

Wonderful, as always! Thanks for the laughs. I needed those.


Chrissea said...

I wonder if Pepper would lose the remote too, like I always do!
Loved all three pics.
And.. did you trespass at that golf course?

TJ said...

You do and see so much! i can't believe just how interesting your days must be...Karen you are amazing.
Love it..TJ
here is my correction for blog addie...

mjd said...

Your captions make me smile. I especially like the photo of the dinosaur; he does look rather hungry.

Nancy said...

Karen...this made me smile too! You always take a challenge and run with it! lol


lisa marie said...

Is that a miniature golf course?

I love your titles and your photos and the ones of Tuffy above. :) You showed great restraint!