Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Photo Shoot Results: Next Room Spontaneity

For last week's Monday Photo Shoot, I asked people to go into the next room and take pictures of whatever was there, without preparation or setup. Some of you bravely did as requested:

Jama Hameed showed us some of the seriously cool stuff in her son's room.

Laura beings us a set of framed photos of her "five circus clowns" (i.e., family).

Kiva takes us to a "a geek programmer's lair" - with trains!

Martha lets us tour bits of her own Museum of the Weird, featuring Luigi the Iguana!

Linda shows us what her furniture is like without the dogs on it.

Thanks, all! The new MPS topic is already posted, and I'll have a special announcement tomorrow night (thanks, Kiva)!


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I'm off to check out the other entries :-)