Friday, April 18, 2008

Weekend Assignment Results: Black Thumbs and Green

John's variegated fuchsia, with flowers at the base

For last week's Weekend Assignment, I asked about your gardening skills. I'm mostly relieved to learn that I'm m far from the only person around here who isn't very good at that sort of thing. On with the responses!

Carly shows us how it's done: "I am a happy gardener right now. And with the ladybug's help, the roses that had been infested with Aphids, are beginning to perk up."

Mike, on the other hand, confesses: "My gardening skills are non-existent. Everything dies in my care. I've killed a cactus before. A cactus! A cactus can survive in the desert, and I killed it."

Bea confines her remarks to the comments thread: "I have no green thumb... I just get lucky once in awhile... my husband is the gardener. I just appreciate the fruits of his labor."

Martha also answered in the comments: I don't need to do a whole entry -- I could kill a silk plant. Any questions? ;-)

Becky said, also in comments: "LOL Martha beat me to it. I was going to say my thumb is BLACK and I manage to kill silk plants. Extra credit...our next door neighbor is an AMAZING gardener. Their yard is easily the showplace of our street. Ours...not. I wish they weren't our neighbor. LOL They make us look soooo bad."

Saqib confides: "So what color is my thumb? I would have to say that it is chrome plated because I am a bit of a metal head and have no gardening skills. I found plants to be...ehm...boring."

Sarah has no garden, but her highly horticultural parents more than make up for it: "I'd probably do okay with houseplants if the cat didn't eat them.... As the offspring of the people who founded this community gardening organization, and a horticulture teacher, I sure as heck do know people who are better at this gardening stuff than I am."

Florinda: "I used to describe myself as having a black thumb, but I learned several years ago that this isn't entirely true. When my ex-husband and I separated, most of the house plants were left with me, and I actually managed not to kill any of them."

Kiva explains her plant philosophy: "My main approach to gardening is benign neglect. If the plants are hardy enough to survive, they will. If not, I have cleansed the gene pool."

Thanks, everyone! Now, if I can just think of a new topic, I'll post that shortly!


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